Friday, November 4, 2016

Homeowner Blues

Yep it's that time of the year.Fall is upon us.I felt so stupid earlier this year,I did find out that my back bedroom window did have another windowpane with it,we have storm windows and I thought one was busted. Oh well lol. Now I got a sewer pipe that has to be fixed.I wondered where the smell was coming from. Fortunately it isn't that far under the house. The new roof is holding up great! We have had NO rain here,except a tiny,tiny shower last night and I didn't even know it.Didn't do much good though. The weather people said we were going to have a dry fall and I have been having to water my container garden with tap water. Earlier in September I had a run in with some mice.I got that under control for right now.Keeping my fingers cross.

We are smoking a turkey this weekend.Hey Turkey is always good any time. We got a 23 pound one for 18.00 not bad I didn't think. Hubstead still wants to build a smokehouse.I told him he could make a little change smoking stuff for people.

We had the talk about becoming self-sufficient and him quiting his job but until we can figure out how to make some money to pay the utilities and taxes he'll have to work a little while longer.I believe we can do it. Of course he would have to do some hunting and during the summer some fishing. We still have the does in the backyard,might be food soon.It's a plan in the works. He wants to also see who gets to be president too.

Oh I can't wait til spring and winter hasn't even hit yet.I'm going to try some winter gardening too.

YES! I have made it to 4 months not smoking,pretty proud of myself so far. I can get around someone who is smoking and I get so sick. I break out in a sweat and get a headache.Well that's about what's been going on.