Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden is started!

Yeah I got some stuff going. I planted leaf lettuce,broccoli,carrots,rosemary,parsley,tomatoes,swiss chard and mint.And as a trying out this year,potatoes in a garbage can.They are doing great so far!We are getting more rain than I would like.We haven't really had some sunny days because of the cold.The cold snap we had was for three nights and it was cold.

Walked out on the back deck and saw that the leaf lettuce,had little tiny leaves coming up,had been chewed off.I was so mad,I kind of figure it was that squirrel I got running around here. I had caught him on the back here while back and he ran off,stopped and looked at me like what? He's gone you can bet that!

It's warm here today at 70 degrees and we got severe storms coming in soon.That is the last thing we need here is more rain and more it being wet.

I have started making my soap! I kind of went for something that I should have waited on but I'm ok with this.I made some goats milk soap.6 bars and 4 round ones. I have to wait now for them to cure 4-6 weeks,longer is better.I'll keep ya updated on how it goes.

Here's some of it.

It has coconut oil,olive oil and crisco(yes crisco,but I was told to use lard)It was all I had.And of course goats milk. I used canned goats milk and it was gold when I poured it and I thought ,well I don't want gold bars but they have turned lighter since they were made. Oh my God! I just washed a little piece in my hands and I got LATHER which means I did it right YEAH ME LOL!!

Wow it rained so hard here last night and it also hailed.We are soaked again for awhile.I am so hoping that this doesn't hamper the seeds I planted.I was something else. Ok hope everyone has a great day,I gonna sit here and start working on my baskets.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I Finally Came Around

A few of you know that I have written about how hard it has been getting use to being here.
I really loved Texas but circumstances brought us here. I didn't want to accept that I am now here permanently so I was willing to make the best of it.What changed? Well we have been here for 3 and half years and I have been expanding my knowledge of gardening,which I wanted to do anyways,now I am fixing to get into soap making,let ya know how that goes,I have been collecting supplies right now.Later on this year I will be learning how to can! I am getting excited about all of this. I have always been self taught on everything I have done.

I have found an endless supply of basket making pine needles. I have made a few of these and people like them.It's my part of staying busy.

Update of  my quit smoking.I have officially stopped for 8 months now. I still get wheezy and I have to go to the doctor about it but I have found doing things around here so much easier. Now if I can find some relief for my back,I'd be a happy camper. If you smoke please give it a try to stop. My hair quit falling out,my skin cleared up and yes I have gained some weight but nothing that I can't take off. I can concentrate finally and focus on things I need to do.

 As my soap making ,I will post pictures and hope the soap turns out good ,there is no guarantees on that lol.

It was a good thing we got the roof on.There has been SO MUCH rain,if we hadn't we wouldn't of been able to live here.The yard has been flooded and the news says we will be getting alittle snow either this weekend or Tuesday.We'll see on this but it has turned off cold again.

Yep I planted carrots and lettuce outside,they haven't come up yet. Next weekend ,praying,it will be better cause I have to get the potatoes in. I picked yukon gold,I might have bit off more than I can chew.

I have tomatoes  and bell peppers in my red cups.I also decided to try to grow broccoli and brussel sprouts from seeds. I'm trying the swiss chard and onions but I don't think they will do any good.May have to replant those.So I got something going on.I don't have enough totes to plant some of these plants in but have found a feed store,my favorite,to get some straw bales of hay. I got the yard space and I heard it was a great way to grow stuff so I'm willing to give it a try. The bales cost 3 cents more than the totes and won't use hardly any potting soil.Win,win.

I have a bit of work to do over the next 2 months,it will be slow but hopefully steady. I'm deep cleaning the house now and it needed it. I get into these slumps and I feel I just can't move. I have a doctor for that.Most know I have bipolar disorder and sometimes it gets to me.I don't feel like cleaning house or much of anything else so when I get  a burst of energy I try to use it to an advantage. It may also been because of the weather. We have had a warm winter here in the south and alot of times I have had the front door open.I think that has helped me get going. If I can get off the sugar that would be great! I told my doctor,he said something about caffeine and I stopped him and said look I quit smoking,I don't do the drugs and I quit drinking(yeah a boring life) but I am not fixing to stop my caffeine,I don't think he liked that too well. Its all I got left.

Orion is doing well,being a little brat as always.

When he looks at me like this I melt. I had to do surgery on his toy yesterday. He got mad at it. Night before last he finally caught the mouse that has been driving us insane! Hubstead walked into the kitchen to see what he was doing and he was flipping it and playing with it. Hubstead tried to take it away from him and Orion got so mad he was growling at him.I told him hey it was his mouse he caught it so he just wanted to play with it for a few minutes.Didn't go over well. At least I don't have to have a cat uh?

Sorry it took so long to blog,been trying to get this house ready for spring,keeping our fingers crossed.  I am beginning to feel it will be worth it to fix this house.I do like the idea of having a roof over our heads. So have a good day,evening,night where ever you are!