Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Growing the little things

I guess I can't stay busy enough.

I've been experimenting with different stuff around the house.One is this celery and another is an avocado.Well the avocado has been planted in a pot now.

I've been looking around to see what's next.
A pomegrate seedling.

Don't  know if it will do much but I have some more in the pot with this one.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Wow What a Year!

Well I didn't think it was going to happen but it has.What a year uh.I appreciate all the encouragement and patience with us this year.It was tough going there for a while.We didn't know if hubstead could find a job and he did.I didn't know if I could get a starter garden in nor grow plants and I did.Orion fell so homesick for his old place but now he is fine and thinks he owns everything around here.Getting back on our feet took awhile and we made it.

Now next year,going to do it again but with a bigger garden more trees and do some landscaping.Getting  chickens and putting in a smokehouse.I am almost out of breath thinking about it. I know it will get done with pride and a new profound affect on both of our mental states.I am sorry to see the first year go but am looking forward to the next. Anytime you feel down just remember there's is only one other way to go and that's up. I would of never in my wildest dreams thought that I would end up here.And now I'm here I am happy.God has blessed us to unbelievable grace. I thank him daily for this.



Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from Misty Pines Homestead

Even though we didn't do a whole lot today,we talked about the next Christmas how it will be better.Nor did we give each other anything,it's just simple,when you don't have to to give.Just being with each other for the week hubstead is off is enough.We did give my brother his quiver and he liked it and my sister-in-law loved the basket I made her.Next year will be better just like the garden,it will grow and bloom and we will harvest what's there,kinda like life uh?


Monday, December 22, 2014

Wintertime Crafts

During the winter is when I like doing crafts more.The weather being cold and rainy (like today) is a good time to sit with something warm and pull out the pine straws or beads. Depend on which one will tickle my fancy.I still don't have a place in the house to do crafts yet.I like sitting and watching-listening to the t.v. It seems to make the time go by faster than silence.I have two particular movies I watch when I do stuff,Hatfields and McCoys for the pine straw baskets,and Lord of the Rings for the beads,don't ask  me why, I have no clue but when I put these movies in I'm off and running! Sounds weird eh?

But it gets done pretty fast

This morning ran up to the little local store and coming back was beautiful.We have alot of fog in our state and this morning,you couldn't even see the hills.It was misting rain too and I thought yep Misty Pines is definitely living up to it's name.I hope everyone is ready for Christmas,it sure got here fast enough.Hubsteads stuff should be here before long,he's making my brother his quiver and I already got my stuff done.It's been better this year and will be even better next year.I am actually looking forward to it! I think we are getting settled down more,the house is coming along and almost ful of furniture(wow) and Orion has gained his weight back and seems to be settling down too.

To twomenandalittlefarm,I can't wait to use the infuser I won.That was a good giveaway and I thankyou!

The chicken coop plans are still in the works and hubstead will start getting his smokehouse stuff together soon.I'll keep everyone updated on that.I finally planted my avocado plant into a big pot,we'll see how that's going to go,so far the leaves are trying to come out and grow.I may not write anymore until after Christmas so to everyone out there.

                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS

Saturday, December 20, 2014

No more buying Commercial Christmas

Yes I said it,no more running here and there for Christmas gifts,no more paying high prices.Instead this year hubstead and I decided to "MAKE"our own presents.I made my sister-in-law and larger basket made of pine straw,and my brother is getting a all leather quiver handmade by my man.I've tried to understand all this stuff over the years and watched as it's torn families up during the holidays.All the stress people put theirselves through doesn't seem too happy to me. I cook and visit and give the presents,no stress cause I like to  cook.Like to give presents.If you listen to what people really want you can usually have the whole year to get something.Some of you do the after Christmas shopping which to me would be less dtessful.I make stuff during the year,then close to the holiday start collecting my meal items and walla I'm all set,easy peasy.I have more time to spend with family.

I got this in the mail today and I can't wait to use it.It was a giveaway by twomenandalittlefarm,thankyou!!!!the pics a little fuzzy sorry.
I love it!

Orion decided to be silly but it is his birthday month so he's allowed.
He's my little furryman!

He's 7 years old now and still acts like a brat sometimes.I can't believe what a wonderful and beautiful dog he is.

We didn't put up a tree or trimmings,not this year.I'm going to sit and make my own Christmas ornaments for next year.Make  homemade presents again.Then we'll be set!

Merry Christmas  Everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two more down

Just a couple of more baskets I did.The bottom one is more of a saucer shape.I have enjoyed doing these.So far I have five.But one has been sold.

These are all the loofahs I have left.I can't wait till spring to get started on more.

Everything has been quiet here.There were three does on the hill in the back yesterday morning.I'm glad to see they haven't been shot.They heard me in the kitchen but didn't seem to mind the noise I was making.They're usually in the yard but I guess they feel like keeping their distance during hunting season here. Looks like I need to get busy doing something else for awhile.But these baskets have been fun.I'm going to try to pick my beadwork back up and see how that goes. Seven days til Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Yeah they are saying we are going to get some snow this weekend.mmm oh boy there goes my weekend.
Am I ready,well lets see,got food,yep,got heat,yep,got coffee,yep got everything else to do with,yep,I'm ready bring it on!

At least it will be on the weekend,I really don't like it when it does that on a week day.In Texas we were snowed in for four days.Yeah that was joyous.Found things to do.Orion loved it to no end.Wanted to go out and then come back in,then back out and back in.8 inches and some nose plowing he was happy.It was his first snow too.

I got my turkey feathers in today.
Pretty uh?

I'm excited about getting these cause you can't get them here.The hunters don't keep them.Now I can get busy during those snow days and have something to make.

Well Christmas is almost here,are you ready?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Onion Rings are Good

I make onion rings at home.Here's the recipe

2 cups of self rising flour
2 large eggs
1 1/2 cups of milk
2 tablespoons of onion powder
3 medium white onions
oil for frying

Slice onions into rings,set aside.
Mix ingredients in a bowl,take an onion ring and make sure batter sticks to it.Let your batter sit for 5 minutes,this will let the batter thicken up. Drop onions into batter and cook in hot oil until brown.Make sure your oil is hot. Drain on paper towel.
I use the onion powder because it gives the batter taste.

And this is how we roll at Misty Pines Homestead!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Anniversary today

Sooo.........hubstead and I have been together and married 29 years.Today was just a day to us,we don't do anything special.We ran up to the local Co Op and picked up a 50 lb. bag of lime.Time to dehair the deerskin.And I had to find something to scrape it with, along with a pair of gloves.Then we went and got pizzas and wings.It was great.Very easy going day and that's how we like it.

Now I'm sitting her,hubsteads' napping,I'm drinking coffee and watching a movie.I love days like this.
The deerskins are thawing out for tomorrows scrubbing and fixing.Frames have to be made and I get to stand out in the cold for awhile,oh well all in good fun.This will be my first time with deer hides but I've done rattlesnakes before.I know different kind of animal/reptile.Anyway I think I can do it.I just hope I can spend some time on my baskets and get some done.Still haven't finished the one I started yet,the sides are going up now.It's going to be different than the others.Had to go out this morning and gt fresh pines straws.

Yeah I stay busy,I love working with my hands. That's where the beadwork and leather and baskets come in.Of course besides cooking,I can't wait to try my hand at canning and soap making. I mean why pay for something when you can make it,right? That's my take on the economy now.Everyone is trying to cut a few corners so I try to see what's around the house I can do myself. That is what alot of people are doing now.When are these big companies going to catch on seriously.Don't they know that if they raise their prices,people are going to find other ways of making the same thing(almost) at home.mmmm.Especially with us retirees coming in.Oh Please!

The only thing I wish that was easy to grow is coffee,then we would be in heaven,but the coffee plant takes sooo long to grow.If you think about it there isn't hardly anything you can't make or grow at home.So lets look at my list of stuff  you would have to buy.

Ok I'm blank
I didn't put sugar because two things sugar comes from,stevia and cane.
Anybody got any more?

So why are we consuming so much? Our ancestors would be so dang mad at us,don't ya think?

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Newest Edition to the Family

No it's not an animal,haha,it's an Avacado pit that I thought wouldn't do much but here it is!

Isn't it pretty,I think so.

My Crown of Thorns is putting out new leaves too.I have it setting next to the couch on a table.
The plant had almost no leaves when I brought it in,but I just water it and it loves the light coming off the lamp.

It's been kind of easy going around here today.I'm working on another basket that has turned into a little complicated. I'll post when I get through with it. I cut most of my hair off again.I'm getting to where I don't like it long anymore,too hard to take care of.Besides when the chickens come i don't want them to have something to grab hold of.

I went today and got my deer hides.My guy put a little extra in for me.Orion will have some leg bones in a few days to chew on.Hubstead will have to build my frames this weekend so we'll be pretty busy!.Yesterday we had deer chili,wow,it was really good.Today we had deer tenderloins and gravy.So tender you could cut them with a fork.They were good too.

Well evidently my meds are working.I'm more focused on what I'm doing and getting things done around here don't seem so bad.I have always needed to stay busy and doing stuff .

It's 4:14 a.m. and 27 degrees outside. Looks like we might have a some ice on stuff this morning.Well that's about it,I'm working on the basket today and doing small stuff around here today.Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Basket done!

Finally got this one done.

Chili,Cold Weather,goes together

We like chili any time but during the winter ,it's even better.Today I have chili on in the slow cooker but it has ground deer meat in it.Yes poor Bambi,I like live deer but deer meat is lean and I 'd rather eat lean meat than what has alot of fat like regular cow meat. I think now the last of the kale is gone.I'll have to make a note for next year to plant alot more of it.It is looking alot like Christmas here in the south.I haven't decorated so far.I may just do collecting after Christmas stuff and wait til next year.I thought about just bringing some pine boughs in but still debating the idea.

It's 34 degrees outside and foggy.So far the weather people got it right.Just wet and cold is all it's going to do for the month of December.It's hard to believe this year went by so fast.But it has been a productive year around here.I have enjoyed this new country life tremendous

A few recaps here:

Got a small garden put in.
Bought rain barrels.
Put in a compost bin.
Got alot of seed catalogs.
Got the OSB boards laid in the floors.
Filled in the ruts in the front yard so we wouldn't trip in them.
I got my crafts going.
Got seeds put up for Spring.
Pots are put up for winter.
Got a heater for the winter.

Yep so far so good ahhh! There still is cosmetic work to do on the house but will have to wait til Spring or warm weather ,which ever comes first.

I can't wait to plant the seeds from this!!!

I got some hummingbird vine seeds from my sister-in-law.We trade stuff all the time(love her,she so sweet) and I designed a box planter for these with a trellis.We'll see how this is going to do. So something to look forward to.Hers' climb all over this lattice trellis my brother built and it's so pretty.Since we have alot of hummingbirds coming here,I figured why not give them something else to feed on.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

For the love of Spagetti Squash

(from sweetlyvegan.com)

I could eat this stuff everytime! I had spagetti tonight and almost forgot I had one in the refrigerator.I got to where I can no stand to eat noodles now because I fix this.I saved the seeds to hopefully grow some next year.I got 145 seeds out of mine.That's alot of spagetti squash!You can freeze cooked S.Q. by putting it in a ziplock bag and it will freeze up to 6-8 months.mmm yeah!I'm going to try that.

Yes I'm still on a roll,I also got one started this morning.I'll post a picture when I'm done.I don't know why I'm getting so into this but it's been great.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Little Baskets

I'm on a basket roll!

Yeah I'm working on another too.Must be the meds,ya think? Anyways,I'm on a roll.I feel great for a change and that's good. Got  alot to do this month,oh hell who am I kidding,I really don't I just want to think I do to feel useful. It's raining with a little thunder and lightning.Been bagging seeds for spring and sitting around on my butt.I can not wait for spring I want to do something,grow something!AAHHHH! Got cabin fever I think.Oh well back to weaving my basket,I'll post a pic of the one I'm working on later.You'll love it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Agony of no Sleep

What's up or should I say who's up,yeah that's right me.My sleep clock has took a freaking dive right out of bed. I get like this but I'm suspecting the culprit. My bipolar even though I am on new meds.Might even be that but I doubt it because these pills make me sleepy.I've been going to darn close to a week and I should be worn out by now. You should have seen me when I went almost 5 days without sleep ,yeah that was joyous.I slept for two days after that.Here it is at 4:00 in the morning and I'm sitting here still wide awake.Already I've been in the kitchen cleaning and scrubbing trying to wear myself down,nope didn't work. So what to do next? Orion keeps coming in here wanting me to go to bed.I tell him not yet bubba.Oh I planted some pomegrate seeds in a pot to see if they will grow.Experiment number one.

Today I picked up some more pallets. My next project is going to build a sliding shelf to go by the refrigerator. I already drew out the plans.I need space and I really thought I has enough in the kitchen but I don't. I will when I get thru. I kinda hoping somebody,no names mentioned here,will buy me a circular saw for Christmas. I go wild then!

You know donkey on Shrek when he clicks his eye and jerks his head,yep that me right about now.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Awww Kale is almost gone

I went out this morning and got just alittle bit of kale .I have so far munched my way thru the two rows I planted.The rows weren't long but now I know how many to plant next year.And by looking at the size of the leaves I do believe I got the dwarf kind.

Oh I can't wait to get into this batch!

Yep he was so sleepy last night.He's so goofy.

ok back to the kale part.I have alot of seeds to plant next year so most likely I'll have a bigger area to work in.I have so enjoyed doing this garden thing.I'm wondering whether or not to get the bigger kale and try it.The dwarf is pretty good and makes excellent kale chips.It was really easy to grow.They sprung right up and all I did was sow them in the ground.

Today is my busy day.Places to go, bills to pay,pick this up and pick that up,yuck I hate Mondays.But Orion likes to ride and he goes with me.It gets him out of the house for awhile.I know he goes stir crazy just like a human.He loves to ride in his truck and yeah its his truck when he's in it.I'm just the driver.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tree or no Tree that's the question?

With Christmas coming up,and room wise,I have to ask myself whether or not we have room for a tree this year.I was thinking more in the line of maybe not this year but next year.I was toying with the idea of gathering pine boughs and placing candles in them. Put a wreath on the door and call it Christmas.It's hard to decide when you only have two people during the holiday and you know your family goes with whatever you decide.

We do have room for a small tree but do I want to go thru putting one up.I'd have to buy ornaments and lights and such.

Here's a thought,what if I don't put one up but plant some kind of fir tree and let it grow? That would be good uh? I'll let you know what I decide.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Quiet Morning

I love how quiet the mornings are here.The trees have lost alot of their leaves and now the floor of the woods are covered for another winters' nap.Some trees here have turned and the fall colors are so pretty.It's cool and some what windy but not bad.I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and now in a few weeks it will be Christmas.

I am debating on whether or not to go get some pine boughs and decorate the house.We don't have a tree yet.I would really like to set one up this year. We have no ornaments or lights either.Maybe fix one up in the old fashion way? Usually what I do when the new ornaments come out,I always buy one,why?,I have no idea,I just do.I go through and pick one that looks natural.

I finally got back on my meds for my Bipolar.So far I'm a little goofy but I have slept alot better being on them.It's no fun not being able to sleep for days at a time.So now I'm ok with them.

I wrote this this morning and now I'm writing this evening.It has been a very nice day,the gray clouds cleared out and it was sunny.We done some cleaning around the yard,burnt some trash and wood.This was wood I couldn't put in the compost bin. Hubstead seen one of our deer in the yard.There has been alot of shooting going on and I'm hoping the deer feel safe coming here.We have them in the backyard all the time.Orion got over being stuffed,he ate like a pig for Thanksgiving.I think he ate more than we did.What a hound!

I stripped the turkey and got all the meat off the bone. We had extra to put in the freezer so we are good to go for abit.Well the next thing is getting some little things done around here. I have my beads whining at me.They're sitting in a tote next to the couch.Yes I hear them,I have always considered my beads being my kids. They love to be made into beautiful things.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beer Bread

Yeah I got a new love! I was looking to try to find  a recipe for bread using self rising flour and I came across this little beauty. Beer Bread. And since I like trying out new recipes,here you go!

 Beer bread

3 cups of self rising flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup of butter
1 (12 oz.) beer

Melt the butter and pour a little in 9x5  loaf pan just to coat the bottom.
In a large bowl add the flour and sugar and beer,mix together.
Pour batter into loaf pan and pour remaining butter over batter.Bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes. wait 10 minutes to cool.

Yeah I didn't I love the smell of it.I had to put some butter on it while it was still hot.My little oven cooked it a little too brown but it was still fabulous.

Today I have to make my cornbread dressing. Hey I'm a southern gal,got to have it! Ready for Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Looking forward to Thanksgiving

The fortunate thing when there are only two people to celebrate a holiday,there isn't a whole lot of expectations.Usually it's just hubstead and myself.This year will be another year like that.My brother and sister-in-law are going to her mothers' and we won't see them until Sunday.

BUT.... we do smoke a turkey and fix stuff for us.I have already gotten everything ready for the day and the good thing I can take my time.I learned how to make cornbread dressing and fell in love with it.I don't put a whole lot of stuff in it cause of my allergies but it still turns out pretty good.I get to use some fresh sage I grew this year in it.

Yeah smoked turkey from a Thanksgiving before.This was the best bird we ever done.This year we got a 21 pound  birdie.We get big birds then that way we know we'll have enough left over for other meals including my turkey salads.Like I said no rush and we can take our time smoking it.We always had a hard time in Texas because of the wind was always blowing,here,it's going to be easier since we can do this on our porch.

I hope all of you are up in the north and northeast can have a great Thanksgiving and not get too snowed in or rained on.I don't see how you guys do it.Living in the south is pretty good even though we still get the cold but not like what you get.I'm watching the weather channel now and nope I wouldn't like living up there.You're braver than I am!
I would like to see some snow but not like we had this past winter.

Well Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Little of This and That

I remember when trees had color during fall but now they just turn brown.

Finally finished the pine  straw basket for my sister-in-law.

He really hates it when I take his picture but he did enjoy the grass.

Well the peas took a dive ,the cold snap we had killed them.They put out some before hand so I can't complain.They sure were good too.I'm still getting Kale out of the two rows that were planted. They are almost gone.I really enjoyed planting this year and can't wait til next year to get going again.

Guess what? Hubstead is planning on putting in a smokehouse next year! I was amazed he even had been thinking about it.I have always wanted to do that.I got a feeling the yard is going to fill up fast.We also got to put in the chicken coop too along with the raised beds. Sure going to cut down on cutting grass in the back.I love smoked meat and it'll be great to smell when you walk outside. Getting in the groove here!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Got This Year Cold Whipped(so far)

I guess we're ready.Got the gas going and got the house as insulted as possible.The cold hasn't got here but it has been really chilly.Today it was nice and I had the front and back doors open. It's suppose to go down to 34 tonight. This new heater will definitely sweat you out of the room.Hubstead likes it hot,me I like being somewhat cool,especially when I try to sleep. I'm happy about the couch we got,I have already fell asleep in it,It has a recliner on both ends.

If everyone remembers we spent most of last winter holed up in the bedroom and I was bound and determined not to be there this year.So now that much worked out!

So now an update.The peas are almost gone,I'm sure the cold will wipe them out.The kale is doing great.It has been worth planting. I brought the rest of the plants in and I'm hoping to have some grape vines going next year too.
Kale and eggs this morning.

I know now what it feels like wanting to constantly grow thing.I can't wait until springtime. I keep ordering seed books and am drooling!
But at least this winter I can sit and be comfortable to make stuff.I've been trying to get back into my beading.
Mom showed me that this wasn't going to happen this year!

She said I got my own couch and blankies and I'll stay nice and warm instead of having to cover up! I can't wait til it snows,I love playing in the snow and then coming in and getting warm.

If some of you are not getting my emails or being able to comment just see if you can send me an email and I'll try to fix this.I haven't worked out the bugs from this yet.Takes me alittle while to catch on how to set up pages.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Heat,Heat and more Heat!

Yah I'm excited,we got a heater this year.Yep sitting here looking at it.Oh it's not hooked up YET.I'm hoping come Monday,the gas man cometh.Right now I'm freezing.But I keep thinking how good it's going to feel when the warmth comes out of this thing. We have been trying to figure out a place too put it,it has 5 burners  and it's going to hot once they get fired up. The only place we have figured is in the diningroom and just move the small table and chairs over some.I got the house insulated as much as I can,the OSB board we put down has been a big help with the cold.Our bathroom however is still cold so today I got to go in there and figure out where the cold is coming in.

We've been bundled up with blankets and I am happy I got the comforter from my neighbor next door over the summer.It kept me warm last night.

I've been watching the weather channel with a close eye and hearing about all the cold coming.I tell you right now,all of you up north,I don't know how you do it.I couldn't be in weather that cold!And all that snow,nope,I'll stay here.It's been damp and wet here in the south but that can be dangerous too I know.Please stay warm and I hope it won't be too bad for you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grape seeds and Loofahs seeds done.

Today I got the grape seeds I had in the refrigerator and put them in small pots to sprout.I'm crossing my fingers on this one. If I get half I'd be happy. I've never tried to grow grapes before so this is a trial run. We could of bought grape vines when they were in season but hey what's the fun in that.If I don't try how will I know? These I have are Concord grapes I won off an auction online.

So far when I got them out of the refrigerator,the seeds were nice and plump.I had them in there since September. Something call stratification.Then I have to keep the little ones warm until they sprout and when they get bigger,transfer them to a bigger pot. it says to keep them in pots the first year.

For the last two days I have been doing Loofah seeds and bagging them up.  I'm gonna have more than what I bargained for. So anybody want some I'm selling them. I'm using the money to help build my chicken coop next year. Here's the newest loofah.

I think I got it ! See the seeds,so many off of one.

And yes when the rest of the loofahs are done I'm selling those too. So remember Christmas is coming up next month!
I have come to the conclusion I am now addicted to growing stuff. 

We finally bought a heater.This week we get gas.I can then at least keep my plants warm.It's going to be freezing in the southeast this weekend and I'm not looking forward to it.I hope we don't get snow but it may happen.

I pulled some Kale from the garden and cooked it yesterday but I decided to put it up in the freezer for later. I need to go out and cut some more.
This stuff is great!

You ever get a chance try it! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Who turned on the Cold Air???

Ok where did Fall go and who turned on the cold air,the crap isn't funny man!Had to get plastic to cover the plants but the wind kept blowing it off.I think I have it secured now.  I can't wait to taste the kale.I got loofahs drying and hopefully this cold won't hurt them.

I'm piled up on the couch with my blanket,Orion is hogging the heater.We love this dog so much we put a heating pad under a thick towel for him at night. Pretty spoilt uh?He loves it and he's comfortable.I try to keep him off the bed because I'm afraid he'll hurt himself again jumping off it.Yes we let him on the bed sometimes.But he is not a bed type dog,he'll only stay on it for 5 minutes and then he'll get off.

Yep Rotten to the core!See that yellow blanket?That's the one he came with.I throw it in the wash and he loves that. He was cute wrapped up in it when she took him out of the her truck and he was so scared when I brought him home.But it didn't take long after much exploring he settled down.But he loves his blankey.

Makes ya kinda wonder how I will treat our chickens when we get them?I'll be a wreck during the wintertime hoping they are warm in the coop. But those ideas are going in a list.I got my chicken book in and have been looking at different breeds.I don't know yet which breed(s) I'll go with.

Halloween has been quiet here,since we are back from everyone in the pines.I don't like getting out on nights like this because of children being out.We didn't buy candy nor did we go to any parties.I'm not a social butterfly anyway.I hate crowds and being around people I don't know.We were invited to a Halloween party but turned it down. Instead we stayed home and I did loofahs and separated seeds.
I'm getting quite a collection and want to try to sell some loofah seeds. I got some really nice seeds from the summers' crop. Got so much to think about for the coming spring.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Here comes the COLD!!!

Yep that time of year I guess,time for the cold fronts to start coming in.I've been trying to insulate this place and check for drafts. So far I've gotten some plastic on the windows(yes I use plastic sheeting)it helps.This morning I put the blanket over the livingroom window.This weekend it's suppose to go down to 30 degrees.I got to get this place warmed up.Wre going to go look for a heater this weekend and get the gas turned on.I don't think my bones can take another hard winter like last year.Laying down OSB boards this summer sure has helped.The floor isn't as cold and I don't feel no drafts.It's 37 this morning and I have an electric heater on and so far so good.It's cool but very tolerable.

We're having Chicken A La King tonight.I have the chicken in the slow cooker.Sounds good,we'll see.Been awhile since I fixed it.

The plants are inside,I still have bell peppers trying to grow,amazing! I picked one pea off the vine yesterday. My loofahs are drying out slowly.I think this freeze may do the job.The only problem we have is when it freezes here so does the water lines.Usually we turn off the water and drain the pipes.Better than a busted pipe.I fill up jugs of water for general purposes and when it warms up I turn the water back on. It's a pain but ....

Yeah no more of this!

Maybe more of this!

Yeah he's snoring and sound asleep and nice and warm.Spoilt little brat.His leg got better so now he's playing more.He loves this cool weather and he loves snow.That's his couch by the way and no one is allowed to sit on it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mushroom Stroganoff

I have been trying to eat somewhat healthy.I cut a lot of red meat out of my food intake.So I went online and looked up vegetarian dishes. Here's one and I just fixed it.It was very good. I'd recommend this one.But first the pictures.
Kinda fuzzy sorry.Cook the mushrooms and onions in butter.I added the red bell peppers cause I wanted color.
Add beef broth but I didn't have any so I used beef boullion.
Add the sour cream and flour
Cooked egg noodles,the final look.And now I'm full!!!!!!

So Much to Do

And it's 4:15 in the morning and very quiet.You know when you got all these things on your mind?and just can't sleep.Yep that's it. I got the loofahs drying out and more peas picked.That's done.I got my sister-in-laws pine straw basket going and it needs to be finished before Christmas.I gave her a small one yesterday and she  took it to her bedroom.She loves it when I make her stuff.My brother and her have done so much for us since we have been here and I haven't asked them too.That's family.I share stuff from the garden with them and they done the same for us from theirs.

Hubstead will soon be up and off to work. He put on a pork roast last night.He likes BBQ pork and he can fix him something to eat when he gets home. Orion  pulled his back leg muscle,we think he done it jumping either on the bed or off.I guess I'll have to get him some doggie vitamins to help him along.He has a problem with his hips sometimes. I don't think he has hip dysplasia,I hope not anyways.I think he may have been hurt when he was born. We put him on a heating pad and he felt a lot better after a nights sleep.

Went fishing over the weekend,caught one fish.Yeah I'm a great fisherman! If someone said fish or starve,well,I would go pretty hungry! I think we need to find a decent place to fish.

The house has come together well.I still have no room in the kitchen to put anything. I'm looking at shelves for the time being,at least get stuff off the counters.I try to buy things that are on sale and put them in the room I made a pantry out of,but now that room is getting used for storage. I knew it was going to take time to get organized.I just wished it was sooner. Patience is a virtue around here.
The livingroom looks like a livingroom for time being.This room looked big until we started putting stuff in and then it got a whole lot smaller.Now we have to work on getting hubsteads office going.

I've been slowly winterizing the house.Checking the windows for air coming in.Soon we'll have heat and I don't want any escaping.Unfortunately with a fixer upper like this place it's hard to get things in order like this.The only concern right now is around the backdoor.We have to replace a piece of wood at the bottom.We have two bathrooms,one has a tub the other a shower stall.The bathroom with the shower stall,the sinks don't work and the one with the tub,the faucets don't work on the tub.We had a leak and cut it off. So some work there has to done.The toilet in our bathroom,you can't put toilet paper in(we have city water)or will get stopped up.It has drove me nuts trying to keep it unclogged.The pipes under the house needs to be replaced,but you know all in good time!

Well Halloween is coming and I've seen some nice carvings that people did with pumpkins.I may put some pumpkins in the garden next year.I could easily get rid of them around here. Then comes Thanksgiving,one of my favorite holidays! Christmas is fine but I don't get too excited.I may this year cause I told hubstead I wanted to put up a tree.We'll see.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Experimenting Again

Today I walked out to see how the loofahs were doing. I pulled three of the large ones and put them in netted potatoe sacks to ripen off.The reason for this is we have had so much rain here and now there is nothing but dew on the ground,I was afraid they would rot on the vines.We haven't had our first frost yet and I'm trying to salvage what is there and I still have at least a dozen. I hung them in the kitchen closet and I check on them every couple of days.So far they are doing very well drying out.

I'm still getting peas off the vines and saving them a little at a time.They taste very good,very crispy.

The Kale is getting big and the leaves are getting curly.Can't wait to fix some of them.They still have a month of growing then they'll be ready.

We finally got a couch for the living room.It has a recliner on both ends and even though it's not that pretty,it's very functional.Orion wants to get on it but we gave him the loveseat.He doesn't understand why he can't get up the couch but I tell him,this is not your couch and I point to the love seat and say that's your couch.he seems to understand and will get up on the loveseat.I put his blanket on it that he had when he was a puppy and he gets on it.

I started back making pine straw baskets.

So now I've added making baskets,this one is mine,and beading and some woodwork.
Basket tree made of white popular
I have found many uses for vines and trees and grasses here.This is what I have so far.I can pretty much make just about anything out of the stuff.

I broke my rod yesterday.Yep I can't fish but I try.So hubstead and I went down and got me another.While we were there he got a rod and reel and some tackle stuff.Here you have to have a fishing license and a permit to fish in the local lake.In Florida where we lived we didn't have to have one.We did alot of shrimping and crabbing.Oh well.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The End of a Very Nice Year

It has been amazing to see the changes going on here. I really didn't know if I could do this or not.Now a bigger and better plan is on the horizon for next year.I have gotten about a half a pound of snow peas from the vines,one loofah done and more waiting to ripen.The tomatoes were so abundant and I got alot of seeds for next year planting. I found out what will grow and won't grow. What to pot and not pot. What will grow good in pots. My herbs ,sage,parsley,spearmint,and basil have all done very well in clay pots.I put some lettuce in a pot and I have eaten alot of it over the summer. The peppers did good in pots but I think I will put them in raised beds instead.

I'm currently working on an indoor garden. I have been looking at grow lights and trying to find a good spot to put them. Our livingroom has now gotten full.We finally picked up a couch and it looks so much better here. We're getting a heater this week and the gas turned on.Yep we got to.It's just too cold here during the winter to not be able to survive without some kind of heat. Later all this will change when we get another heat source installed.

Here are some of the growth pictures :
July 3rd,2014
July 2014

Loofahs at 2 months 2014
Romas July 3rd 2014
Potted peppers and herbs

So see,it's was just finding the right combination of sun and dirt and plants.I'm not a farmer but this has gotten me in the mode now!I know now what kind of bugs I'll get,what time the bees come around,when to start my seeds indoor.It has been a learning experience and I wrote everything down on what I did right and what I did wrong.Next year will surely be a challenge but I'm up for it.

Just a little reminder on this,it's really good!

Sauteed Brussel Sprouts

10 to 15 sprouts cut length wise
onion or scallons chopped( ok I don't know how to spell)
2 cloves of garlic crushed(I crush mine with a fork)
Olive oil (just enough to cover bottom of skillet)
water(just enough to cover bottom of skillet)
half a cube of chicken boullion

On Medium high heat-
Cut brussel sprouts,onions,garlic cloves,pour olive oil in skillet and lay brussel sprouts flat.Add onions and garlic.Cook until sprouts are carmelized then turn them over and do the same on the other side.Add water and half the chicken boullion,let the water steam the sprouts until water has evaporated.And you're done. This stuff is good!

And some pretty flowers!
Both of these belong to my sister-in-law so pretty!
This is a hummingbird vine.My sister-in-law gave me a crapload of seeds from this vine and going to do some planting next spring.

Well hope you enjoyed the pictures that's about all I have right now. Going to do some planning and get ready for winter to set in around here.Haven't had the first frost yet but it's coming.

Happy Halloween!