Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Chili,Cold Weather,goes together

We like chili any time but during the winter ,it's even better.Today I have chili on in the slow cooker but it has ground deer meat in it.Yes poor Bambi,I like live deer but deer meat is lean and I 'd rather eat lean meat than what has alot of fat like regular cow meat. I think now the last of the kale is gone.I'll have to make a note for next year to plant alot more of it.It is looking alot like Christmas here in the south.I haven't decorated so far.I may just do collecting after Christmas stuff and wait til next year.I thought about just bringing some pine boughs in but still debating the idea.

It's 34 degrees outside and foggy.So far the weather people got it right.Just wet and cold is all it's going to do for the month of December.It's hard to believe this year went by so fast.But it has been a productive year around here.I have enjoyed this new country life tremendous

A few recaps here:

Got a small garden put in.
Bought rain barrels.
Put in a compost bin.
Got alot of seed catalogs.
Got the OSB boards laid in the floors.
Filled in the ruts in the front yard so we wouldn't trip in them.
I got my crafts going.
Got seeds put up for Spring.
Pots are put up for winter.
Got a heater for the winter.

Yep so far so good ahhh! There still is cosmetic work to do on the house but will have to wait til Spring or warm weather ,which ever comes first.

I can't wait to plant the seeds from this!!!

I got some hummingbird vine seeds from my sister-in-law.We trade stuff all the time(love her,she so sweet) and I designed a box planter for these with a trellis.We'll see how this is going to do. So something to look forward to.Hers' climb all over this lattice trellis my brother built and it's so pretty.Since we have alot of hummingbirds coming here,I figured why not give them something else to feed on.
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