Monday, December 22, 2014

Wintertime Crafts

During the winter is when I like doing crafts more.The weather being cold and rainy (like today) is a good time to sit with something warm and pull out the pine straws or beads. Depend on which one will tickle my fancy.I still don't have a place in the house to do crafts yet.I like sitting and watching-listening to the t.v. It seems to make the time go by faster than silence.I have two particular movies I watch when I do stuff,Hatfields and McCoys for the pine straw baskets,and Lord of the Rings for the beads,don't ask  me why, I have no clue but when I put these movies in I'm off and running! Sounds weird eh?

But it gets done pretty fast

This morning ran up to the little local store and coming back was beautiful.We have alot of fog in our state and this morning,you couldn't even see the hills.It was misting rain too and I thought yep Misty Pines is definitely living up to it's name.I hope everyone is ready for Christmas,it sure got here fast enough.Hubsteads stuff should be here before long,he's making my brother his quiver and I already got my stuff done.It's been better this year and will be even better next year.I am actually looking forward to it! I think we are getting settled down more,the house is coming along and almost ful of furniture(wow) and Orion has gained his weight back and seems to be settling down too.

To twomenandalittlefarm,I can't wait to use the infuser I won.That was a good giveaway and I thankyou!

The chicken coop plans are still in the works and hubstead will start getting his smokehouse stuff together soon.I'll keep everyone updated on that.I finally planted my avocado plant into a big pot,we'll see how that's going to go,so far the leaves are trying to come out and grow.I may not write anymore until after Christmas so to everyone out there.

                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS

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