Saturday, December 20, 2014

No more buying Commercial Christmas

Yes I said it,no more running here and there for Christmas gifts,no more paying high prices.Instead this year hubstead and I decided to "MAKE"our own presents.I made my sister-in-law and larger basket made of pine straw,and my brother is getting a all leather quiver handmade by my man.I've tried to understand all this stuff over the years and watched as it's torn families up during the holidays.All the stress people put theirselves through doesn't seem too happy to me. I cook and visit and give the presents,no stress cause I like to  cook.Like to give presents.If you listen to what people really want you can usually have the whole year to get something.Some of you do the after Christmas shopping which to me would be less dtessful.I make stuff during the year,then close to the holiday start collecting my meal items and walla I'm all set,easy peasy.I have more time to spend with family.

I got this in the mail today and I can't wait to use it.It was a giveaway by twomenandalittlefarm,thankyou!!!!the pics a little fuzzy sorry.
I love it!

Orion decided to be silly but it is his birthday month so he's allowed.
He's my little furryman!

He's 7 years old now and still acts like a brat sometimes.I can't believe what a wonderful and beautiful dog he is.

We didn't put up a tree or trimmings,not this year.I'm going to sit and make my own Christmas ornaments for next year.Make  homemade presents again.Then we'll be set!

Merry Christmas  Everyone!

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