Saturday, September 14, 2019

Good Harvest

It was a very good summer for growing here.  Enjoy!

My new hoophouse.

A little recycling here.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes.

This little guy was on top of my beans. He stung me once,nasty little bugger!
So you see it was really good this season.The hoophouse has lettuce and kale and radishes under it. I made a spinach box too.The yard longs kept producing all summer. So did the Okra,which right now they are over 6 feet tall. Now my zucchinis quit growing,I planted my peas and they are doing very well.  2019 yeah!! Have a great night.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

So Glad to Post

Hey everyone!, I have been busy trying to figure some things out.Now lets see where to start. Oh heres that cute little puppy we got last year.
Yeah 90 pound monster now.From the time he gets up til he goes to bed.

This is what he looked like.Awww don't let that up there fool ya! Oh he's very smart too.

Got the garden for this year going,

This year has been awesome! I planted zucchinis and tomatoes,green beans and yardlong beans(That's what is growing on the trellis),and okra too.This is the first to try cucumbers,and cherry ground tomatoes. Under the trellis in the blue bucket is some potatoes,meh just testing it out and I have canteloupe in the back. I did get my moringa trees going but right now they are growing slow.
Going to be great for these!

Oh why did he have to grow up????

The best news,been here over 5 years and got the homestead paid off!!!!
I have been doing some recycling on clothes,mainly pants. Here are some things.

My little rugs. The round isn't finished yet. I want to make it bigger.

Remember that dragonfruit Its getting big! 

Denium wall hanging.

I've gotten into macrame now. Dont have anything yet but Im designing my bathroom in this.
I have 3 rugs and a shower curtain. I'll come back later on this.
This is the second bathroom.Still have work to do on this one too.

Yep its here but no chicks yet. This coming up week will be picking up the chicks.I have waited for awhile for this.
Oh forgot to add in,next week will be 3 years since I stopped smoking!!!!!!!

So there has been alot going on. Alot of work going into this place now.Its strange cause this is the first time owning something outright besides the truck. I'm tickled pink about all of it.It seems things are straightening out a bit.Still have a long way to go but at least its going. It has been raining here for a few days and I don't have to water the plants that often. I definitely have to watch the rain barrels. The only big problem we're having is keeping the dogs apart.Since Ollie got over a year old,him and Rion having been fighting. It's a dominance thing now. It's been some bad ones too. So now it's shifting them from room to room. When one goes out the other stays in,when one wants in,we have to put one dog up to let the other in. It won't last. So ya'll see it's been something else around here!! Now it's time to get cleaning on the property and grow more food.Ya'll I have missed so bad blogging  on here so I hope you have a great evening!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Update on the Homestead

Well I've cleaned up the beds for the winter and have tried my best to winterize the house. It's still freaking cold. The dogs are getting along so far,as long as Ollie doesn't aggravate Orion too much.
I finally finished my what I call my frustration basket.I started it when I stopped smoking a couple of years ago. I think it turned out pretty.

I had fun doing it but was sad I finished it.

Now for another one I'll probably start this winter.
I have already sat down and planned out the garden for next year. I'm adding more beds and now I'm trying to find some good grow bags for the Moringa trees.I planted kale and spinach in the totes and have been eating off them.Setting up the Christmas tree this weekend,Ill post a picture of it.This will be the first tree in over 15 years .Long story. Anyways I'm putting those new ornaments on and the tree will be green,blue and white, I also got garland to go over the doorway going into the dining room from the living room.What the heck I'm getting the fever. But that"s about it,I've lost a little more weight. That"s going great.I have already started buying new clothes. So lifes good so far. I have collected a huge amout of seeds,cant wait til Spring.Ok so that's it and have a great week.It's freaking getting cold here.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Boy I've Been Busy!

Well I got a bug in my butt and here is what I've been doing.
Ollie is my sweetie.

I have been on a recycling kick.I had alot of denium.

Maxi skirt.

Same one.

My big baby now.

The Crown of Thorns were beautiful this year.

 Christmas ornaments

Thats an apron made out of denium.

My tea plant decided to put out a bunch blooms this year.

Going to start growing Moringa trees this spring.Hit me up if you want one.

More ornaments I made.
I am now a hunters soap maker!

Another picture of that little puppy who grew into this cow.

I made my own wreath this year.

So I have been busy making stuff,cleaning stuff out of my closet. I've lost over 80 pounds and was trying to figure out what to do with the clothes I couldn't wear. I've got another skirt on the table I have yet to sew. 

The garden did ok but it was late coming in.We didn't have enough rain at first and alot of my plants died but my hot peppers and cherry tomatoes did ok. My yardlongs did great,ate off the few plants I planted all summer. The raised beds are needing more dirt,I did a hugelkutlur bed on one and just added leaves and compost on the other. I got alot of marigolds this year too.No need in buying any seeds!

I also now have my logo for the homestead.
Very excited for that. If you see it,that's me!

Well I am settled in. Doing good so far.Next year will have one less payment on this place.Been doing alot of scouting out on the hill next to the house and came to the conclusion that some of it will have to become a forest garden.So much potential going on there. I've been waiting til this place is paid off before I do any major changes to it,but already making it ours.

The first of this year was so bad,me coming down with shingles which I'm finally bouncing back from that.Did a lot of crying too.It was too much all at once. Getting Ollie was a blessing because he calmed me down,I can't explain it. Now I feel fine.

I now have 5 dragon fruit trees.3 avocado trees. I have so many more to get. Hubstead is gonna put some dwarf fruit trees in the back,I still have a fig tree and elderberry bush to get.Hopefully we can get them to grow. The Moringa trees will have to be put in pots and it said you can keep them trimmed to grow in pots. Moringas can only grow in zones 9-11.They don't like the cold. I'll get them growing and see. I have a plant light(finally) coming the first of next month. Did cut open a persimmon seed and guess,we got a spoon,which means snow this year. In the process of getting ready for that.yeah I do believe in stuff like that. 

I hope you enjoyed my page. Leave a reply so I can tell ya there. I am so excited again for whats going on. Its getting a little easier every year.Thanks Ya'll!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Puppy and The House

Whew things have been hectic around here. Ollie has settled in and thinks he runs the house now,which,Orion isn't going for it.But Orion has now bonded with him and he watches over him.Ollie is 4 months old and just about as big as his big brother.
He was so little!

Playing with big brother.

Something about that rocker he loves.

He graduated from puppy collar to big collar.

Then this,seriously I got to put up with that?

So that's what has been going on with them two.It's been something having another dog in the house.He's gonna be a big one which means he's gonna eat a lot of dog food.

Had an inspector come thru from the insurance company. They gave me til October to fix some things on the house.I understand the concept but I called them and told them I wouldn't have that fixed by then because money was short. So I called the bank and gave them a heads up. It just pisses me off that they didn't inspect this place BEFORE we moved in. Of course I wouldn't have a roof over my head if they had of. Got less than 1 and half  years and I got this place paid off. I want to sell it and get one of those small cabins but I don't know yet.It seems I just can't keep up with this place and I'm getting aggravated about it.We'll see.

I guess your wondering why I keep saying I. Me and hubstead aren't getting along. We have talked about getting a divorce but nothing final. Circumstances I just gave up and he has too. So there is no use going any further with the relationship. It's all mutual and I'm fine being alone. That's why I want the cabin,it would just be easier.
I've thought about staying here in Alabama because I have everything established with things but I really want to move to New Mexico. I just love that state.

The garden this year didn't do too good. Maybe next year(I'll still be here) it'll be better.I thought I would have time to tend to it but as I said things have been hectic.I ended up with 4 dragon fruit  trees,well they're not trees yet but they will be if I'm lucky. My bush beans I did get a few handfuls,the yard longs are just coming in,the cherry tomatoes are doing great but my dragon peppers aren't. A lot of people said their peppers didn't do well this year. I planted bell peppers but they didn't come up.I'm not buying  seeds from Walmart anymore. My zucchinis aren't doing well. They get about 3 to 4 inches long and rot. They said the blossoms aren't being pollinated. Bees have been scarce around here. I wanted to get some beehives, that will have to wait and the chickens too. 

So that's what has been going on. Everyone tells me things will get better,maybe I don't know.My head is always hurting from thinking too much. Well that's it for now. Everyone have a great day! Oh by the way,my,diet?, I've lost 80  pounds and 30 more to go!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Puppy makes His Self at Home

He has made his self at home.Loves Orion like crazy and Orion has gotten attached to him.Ollie is growing like a weed.He loves the air conditioner,he's a cool weather type dog.AND so dang spoilt it isn't funny.Just a small update here.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Garden is Growing,Feeling Better,New Puppy

The garden has been growing great!

Green Beans


Tea plant

Swiss Chard

Things have gotten alot more since these pictures were taken. I have been eating peas and lettuce already. Next month this is going to be ready,I hope.It's wild Lettuce.

I'll be using this as a tincture for pain relief. I have found out I can't take Ibuprophren anymore so I'm going to add this to my arsenal of homemade stuff. I'm making salves right now. I made some plantain salve for my shingles that worked fairly well,I think though I should have made the plantain oil stronger.It came out nice.It does stop insect bites from itching.My soap I made came out nice too.I made a dozen bars for family and friends.

Yep meet Ollie!
Sweet as honey when he's asleep and a holy terror when he's awake!.He's half Lab/Shepherd.He loves his big brother but big brother doesn't care much for him. I got Ollie for a companion for Orion but I think that was wishful thinking on my part.BUT he's gonna stay and has already made himself quite at home.I have alot of work to do with him.

Well just a quick catch up about what's going on.I'm almost over my shingles and I'm praying  NEVER to get those again.I've never had something as painful besides child birth to hurt like that.I was alright with the itching and burning but the headaches were so bad. So now it's almost gone and I'm feeling so much better. Well this is Memorial Day weekend,y'all have a safe and great time!