Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting lots of Rain

It's been raining for three days here now.At least my outdoor plants got watered good.My carrots are getting bigger in the bucket and can't wait to harvest them soon.Won't be but a handful but it was after all an experiment on my part.Been collecting bags of soil for next years container garden.I'll have lots to do and hopefully it will turn out.I got a feeling I may have to expand this into the yard.If so well I will be able to control the grass and weed problems.I'm excited about this!

Also I have been watching the weather updates for the southeast and so far as I can tell we are going to have a very hard winter this year.I already told hubstead we need to stock up NOW on the pantry and get some covering for the windows.This week I get to get my pantry shelves in finally!Then I'm going to go buy some supplies.Close to Thanksgiving I get the windows covered in plastic(yeah I know we do this every year,cuts down on the heating bill).Works like a charm.We get a nasty north wind here that blows pretty hard and we sit on a hill.Usually a couple days before Thanksgiving it get cold.I have been out in 30 degree weather Thanksgiving day.We try to smoke a turkey but most of time that cold wind is blowing too hard to get the heat up in the smoker.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Gathering Peas and Such

Yeah I did good on the peas.I'm still getting peas off the vine and we have had cooler weather here.I harvested all my rosemary which wasn't much but still got alittle of it.My parsley I brought in and set it in the window sill,still growing like a charm.I had to bring in my three cherimoya trees and they seem to be getting really big,next year I think I'll have to do some grafting on one of them.My sister-in-law gave me a Christmas cactus and it finally took hold and wants to grow now.

She also gave me her dresser,now I have been wanting that dresser for awhile and she finally gave it up.There are two night stands too(wink),I'll see how long that takes.This dresser has the big mirror with the little shelves in it and it's all wood.I know I threw my back out when hubstead and I tried to move it in the house.It took me two days to get over that.Now to get the rest of the furniture I want.Got to have a new diningroom set and livingroom set.

Since they cut the grass update well the grass died in the front and back yard now it's only a brown color.But I know next year it will come back up.We are going to plant some different grass,rye grass to be specific.We had three does out in the yard last night and one had her two fawns with her.They like rye grass and we put out salt and peanut butter for them too.This was the first year seeing so many does at once.One is huge.The fawns are so cute.

We're fixing to get the gas turned on since the weather has turned off cool.I hate having a gas bill,gas is a little high here compared to being out in Texas.The electric is cheaper but they get you on the gas prices.I think they are in cohoots together lol.I still have the front door open and it's almost 6:00 p.m. It's been cloudy today and really nice.And I have a fan on me.Yeah I get hot easy.But I like working outside on some days.As long as it's not blistering hot.

It feels so weird knowing that this year is almost up.We got to get tires for the truck and that will be it.Thanksgiving is next month then Christmas.I'm not looking forward to 2016 because I think it will be a bad year for the United States.I'm not getting into the specifics but we all know what is happening in the world.If we can just hang in there til we get a new president then things will look up,my opinion and I'm sticking to it.I'm not a political person.Never have been but I watch what is going on and I don't like it one bit.

Ok enough of that,this is what has been going on around here,not much but we have been going at a snails pace and it's driving me nuts.My truck is finally paid off and now I got some breathing room!
After the first of the year we get to start working on the house finally which will make me feel a whole lot better.Besides I am the one who has to sit here and look at this place.I can see it already as a nice place once we get the hardwood floors in the walls paneled,and new furniture.Well gotta go its been nice to be back blogging.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Got Peas!

The idea worked and now I got peas growing on the vines.I noticed yesterday that I have alot of blooms which I hope will produce alot of peas.If so I'm keeping the setup there thru the winter and doing it again come Spring.
They've grown alot more since this picture.

But I liked the idea and went with it.Now we'll see what and how much it produces.I have two more drawers in the closet and thinking about setting Kale out come Spring.At this point I think container gardening will be my best bet.We do have alot of rabbits hanging around.Oh my carrots seem to be doing good but have not pulled any up yet.I am only going to get a handful anyways.I am excited to see if this round of carrots will produce.

Everything looks better since the grass got cut and the yard looks like it has more grass growing.When we first moved here it was alot of weeds.Now I have grass growing where there was weeds before.I let most of the grass seeds do it's own thing and spread.There are not even any clovers in the yard now.Which in turn will send the bees towards my plants when they have blooms.Today I have to harvest more parsley and the rest of the sage.I make cornbread dressing during the holidays around here and pumpkin pies. I'll have fresh sage to cook with this year. I love the holidays because it is the one time of year I get off my duff and really cook.Plus I'm getting a counter top stove this year.My little toaster oven has seen better days and I got to replace it.I'm excited about that too.This oven is bigger and can hold a full size pizza so I know I'll be cooking like crazy.I know it doesn't sound like much but right now I can't afford a regular stove.So anything is fine as long as I can cook.My kitchen is cluttered with stuff and I have NO counter space.But I will find room for this oven!

I'm getting settled in better here.If you have read my blog you know that I had a hard time getting settled.There are times where I still miss Texas something terrible but the more I do around here the more it feels like home.I'm getting used to the way people do things.Which is slow.But I do things at my own pace too.The floors aren't done yet and all the repairs and work is getting done at a snails pace.We had to pay off a major bill this month and now can breathe a little easier.I'm looking at next year to be a more faster pace to getting alot done around here.Including my chicken coop!I'm hoping that this was the last move we had in us.I'm tired of moving around and just want to keep quiet for a long while.The only way I'd move is if we found a small house,which,is unlikely.There aren't many small houses here and the ones that are,same thing,have to work on them,so I'd rather do the work here and stay.

Well that's about it,that's what's going on around here,which isn't much lol. Have a great Thursday!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ew Snakes,a rabbit and cut grass

Yeah the lawn guys when they cut the grass found two snakes in the yard but they were near the far edge of the yard.I ask him did he think they may come back he figured no.The other guy however found a small rabbit.I told him that was probably the rabbit that had ate all my green beans.They did a great job and I really think they didn't charge me enough for the work they had to do. The grass was so bad and so high but he was a very nice guy and I'll have him cut the yard again.The grass shouldn't grow as fast since we have cool weather here.I sense it may have to be cut a few more times if this rain keeps up.

I'm in the process of emptying the pots out back.Most of the plants have seen better days and it's time for the clean up for fall.Some trees are turning here but not many yet.The maples seem to turn first.I'll be making more pine straw baskets as soon as the needles start to fall.I sold all the other ones I made last fall.Oh yeah the gourds,I got maybe 7 good ones but they turned out really small but doable.I have one that has dried out but not ready to get the seeds out yet.I didn't get to compost them this year but like I have been saying I am still experimenting on these things to see what I can grow and what I can't.So far I know I can grow gourds and luffas with no problems.

Well that's what is going on in my gardening world,I'm sitting here on my second cup of coffee and watching the weather channel.Hubstead is still getting some of the little things to go with his hunting gear.He still needs thermal underwear and socks and gloves and boots then that will keep him warm.My brother has a hunting blind that he uses for hunting and he uses a propane heater to keep warm in it.This blind is made like a little tiny wooden structure he built himself. The place he goes hunting has alot of deer around it so hopefully if the time is right we'll have some venison in the freezer.I am so looking forward to the venison stew to cook!

ok my fingers are freezing so that's what's going on today.We still haven't got our heat turned on yet but soon.So have a great Saturday today!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alot to do today

It may not seem much to some people but today I get my grass cut!I had to get someone in here with a good lawn mower(riding) to do it.By this afternoon I'll be able to see how many gourds I got in the yard. It has been raining so much here the grass got over grown so bad.I have alot to do today,bills to pay got to pick up hubsteads jacket for hunting and run a few more errands.It has been cooling down here in the south and soon I'll have the gas turned back on and feeling warm again.The older I get the colder I get I think.

I got blooms on my peas vines so soon there will be peas.My little setup done good this year.The rest I have been harvesting and drying out(herbs).My coleus have outgrown their pot and the marigolds are done.I ended up with alot of marigold seeds.Next year I plan on potting all in containers and hopefully they will do good.It was a rough year for trying to grow stuff,have no idea why but everything was not doing good at all. I got nine tomatoes off my bush and they were small.I did get a few green beans before that pesty rabbit got a hold of them and they were really good too.So got to try again next year maybe it will be better.

That's about all that's been going around here.Not much.But am trying to get more things done.Gonna try to quit smoking,my doctor gave me something to help.I can do it but needed help.All the holidays are coming up and I am excited this year cause we can do more this year than last.I got a tree to set up but need the trimmings to go with it.Thanksgiving ,going to smoke a turkey this year.Hopefully too to have some deer meat in the freezer!

Ok well that's it everyone have a good Thursday!!