Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ew Snakes,a rabbit and cut grass

Yeah the lawn guys when they cut the grass found two snakes in the yard but they were near the far edge of the yard.I ask him did he think they may come back he figured no.The other guy however found a small rabbit.I told him that was probably the rabbit that had ate all my green beans.They did a great job and I really think they didn't charge me enough for the work they had to do. The grass was so bad and so high but he was a very nice guy and I'll have him cut the yard again.The grass shouldn't grow as fast since we have cool weather here.I sense it may have to be cut a few more times if this rain keeps up.

I'm in the process of emptying the pots out back.Most of the plants have seen better days and it's time for the clean up for fall.Some trees are turning here but not many yet.The maples seem to turn first.I'll be making more pine straw baskets as soon as the needles start to fall.I sold all the other ones I made last fall.Oh yeah the gourds,I got maybe 7 good ones but they turned out really small but doable.I have one that has dried out but not ready to get the seeds out yet.I didn't get to compost them this year but like I have been saying I am still experimenting on these things to see what I can grow and what I can't.So far I know I can grow gourds and luffas with no problems.

Well that's what is going on in my gardening world,I'm sitting here on my second cup of coffee and watching the weather channel.Hubstead is still getting some of the little things to go with his hunting gear.He still needs thermal underwear and socks and gloves and boots then that will keep him warm.My brother has a hunting blind that he uses for hunting and he uses a propane heater to keep warm in it.This blind is made like a little tiny wooden structure he built himself. The place he goes hunting has alot of deer around it so hopefully if the time is right we'll have some venison in the freezer.I am so looking forward to the venison stew to cook!

ok my fingers are freezing so that's what's going on today.We still haven't got our heat turned on yet but soon.So have a great Saturday today!!
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