Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting lots of Rain

It's been raining for three days here now.At least my outdoor plants got watered good.My carrots are getting bigger in the bucket and can't wait to harvest them soon.Won't be but a handful but it was after all an experiment on my part.Been collecting bags of soil for next years container garden.I'll have lots to do and hopefully it will turn out.I got a feeling I may have to expand this into the yard.If so well I will be able to control the grass and weed problems.I'm excited about this!

Also I have been watching the weather updates for the southeast and so far as I can tell we are going to have a very hard winter this year.I already told hubstead we need to stock up NOW on the pantry and get some covering for the windows.This week I get to get my pantry shelves in finally!Then I'm going to go buy some supplies.Close to Thanksgiving I get the windows covered in plastic(yeah I know we do this every year,cuts down on the heating bill).Works like a charm.We get a nasty north wind here that blows pretty hard and we sit on a hill.Usually a couple days before Thanksgiving it get cold.I have been out in 30 degree weather Thanksgiving day.We try to smoke a turkey but most of time that cold wind is blowing too hard to get the heat up in the smoker.

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