Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some New Plant Growth

A pot of Coleus

The Corsican Gourds are blooming

Last year I grew loofas,this year it's Corsican gourds.I will be growing loofas next year along with some more gourds.I wanted to get in some blooming plants but didn't get around to it.These are so pretty with their white blooms.The rain has let up some,we get some spotty showers but nothing major.We're gonna get some grass cutting in tomorrow finally.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Positive Thinking

Sitting here looking at the house,we can't wait to get started on the flooring and walls.We are having to wait on these things till we get some "other" stuff paid off.Sometimes it happens when you are just starting off,everything has to come in time. Positive thinking has kept me sane so far. We have so much to do to the house and want it over with. I've concentrated on mainly the outside,keeping it clean and picked up.Doing a garden sure has helped. Keeps me active and focused.Working towards a goal for a homestead is very important.Once you see all your hard work coming together is wonderful.Today I'm going to go in a few minutes and wash off the pollen from the front porch,we got slammed with that mess.Not to mention all the cobwebs too.Our hummingbird has come home and he has been flying around,the rest hasn't showed up yet.Tomorrow we are suppose to have some rain come in I think for a couple of days.The plants out back really need the rain water. Life has blessed us and I thank God for it. Hurry up September that's our pay off time!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yard plants I didn't post

My tomatoe plants are doing great this year.

I only planted a few corsican gourds they now have blooms on them.

A little row of bush beans.

Crown of thorns and some Dark Korean peppers in the pot(I think)

Another angle of all the potted plants,no I'm not organized.
I have put these where they get the most sun and shade.

There ya have it,so far so good.I still need to dig up some more rows for other plants.
Update on Barking dogs,she has been keeping them out of our yard so far.Haven't heard a peep out of them at all.

A Slight Rant

Everyone of you know I have a dog and I love animals. We had some new neighbors move in and they have three little dogs.I thought oh how cute and they are cute.But they are not cared for.They ended up standing in my driveway barking up a storm.Now you know we moved here for the quiet and this has not sat well with me,her letting these dogs do this.So.......yesterday was confrontation day and she yelled a bunch of obcenities at me because I chased her dog out of my yard.Needless to say I turned her in to the pound people,we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Now I don't usually do this BUT we have copperheads and water moccasins around here and I have enough to deal with watching Orion to make sure he don't get bit.How am I suppose to watch hers?Plus they were crapping right next to our truck where we have to get in.Yeah I think a small rant is in order. So far this morning I haven't heard a peep out of them.I get so tired of people letting their animals run loose.Chances here of an animal getting rabies is high and I don't like the fact I could get bit from someones dog or cat for that matter.Am I wrong? Orion is on a lead in the front yard (he has a bad habit of running off) and there is a leash law here. One that gets enforced if your animal is caught.You either pen them up(fenced in yard) or they have to be on a leash.O.k. rant over with!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hanging in and Hanging out

I still have a cough from last week but things are getting better. We had a cold front come in yesterday and now it's getting quite chilly this morning. This week has been spending time out back doing some weeding and adding compost to stuff.My beans are growing very well now except for a pesty squirrel making a nuisance of himself.He's been digging in the beans for what I don't know but I'll get rid of him soon enough. The gourds have took off now. The vines are growing pretty fast and I got to figure out which way I want them to go in the yard.

This got seperated yesterday into another pot.I have alot of sage.

The avocado tree is doing wonderful,here's a close up.

I'm excited I looked and my chocolate mint is coming up,slowly but coming up!!!

So I would say so far,this years' little garden will be a success,the tomatoe plants are fixing to bloom. I have bees coming by so I'm hoping they'll do some work for me. I also seperated the Coleus too. My ex mother-in-law used to have so many of those and I enjoyed watching them grow and she had some beauties too.I have some with yellow and red so far. I made a smaller pot with a few of them. I don't know why I wanted them this year but figured I give them a try. I have been amazed at what all grows here.I watch the weather channel to see what kind of temperatures and how much rain we get. I  was digging around in the compost bin yesterday too and found a potatoe plant,yes a potatoe plant. So I put it near the deck and I thought I killed it but to my surprise it's thriving. I didn't think the ones from the grocery store was suppose to come up but some do I guess.We'll see how it does. I didn't get my garbage can going for them so this is a trial run.

The potted tomatoe plants are growing.

A little fuzzy but this  is the Wild Magnolia tree growing in the woods out back.

I planted the marigolds and used the pot I had them to repot the Basil.Took off like crazy after I did that. The Marjoram decided to start growing too.BUT the Thyme did nothing so I'm going to be minus thyme this year.My Rosemary seems to be doing better too. I've had to move the plants around on the deck to see where they will grow the best and so far I got them doing good. It rained pretty hard yesterday so they seem to grow faster with rain water. So now everything is watered for today and we're not suppose to get anymore till Monday.

If you will notice on my blogs,I do not talk politics or the state of what the world is in,I refuse to do that.I write this bog for my experiences with growing food and everyday living.I like keeping it simple.I hope you enjoy this because I really enjoy sharing with you! I try to write every week if I can and keep you updated. There isn't much going on right now but this is what I have so far.I just walked out back to check on things and it has become cool today.Everything looks great. We got some wind with this mess.My back deck smells so good with all those herbs! Yeah that's a good reason to grow them!

This coming up month of June- I am going to get that screen door for the front,it drives me nuts not being able to keep my front door open.We got all sorts of wasps and flies that like to come in. And it's really nice having the door open on a warm night. Can't wait! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Progress at Last(Plant updates)

Carrots in the containers and a pot of Parsley

Avocado trees and some Marigolds

My Sage is doing very well

The Rosemary and the Marjoram is growing slow
I also am growing Coleus up top

I had a couple of Tomatoe plants left from the yard so I decided to pot these

The Basil is doing fantastic

Pot of Coleus

I have managed to get thru the last two weeks with a toothache(got it pulled) and for the last week a really bad sinus infection.When I look at my plants,all that pain goes away and I get into gardening mode.It helps.And it's free compared to that dentist I saw. Something was eating on my green beans but I took care of that with some powdered stuff.The tomatoe plants in the yard are growing very well and the gourds are doing ok. It will take time for them to really get going.We are suppose to have rain come this weekend which the plants really need it.The only thing I didn't plant was the potatoes,well maybe next year.I got enough going right now.I'm looking at tillers  for next year too.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All In

I finally got all my stuff put in the garden. Today I planted my gourds and the other day I got my tomatoe plants set out along with my bush beans. I didn't get my potatoes done but I can do them next year.It felt good to get out of the house and do some gardening.The sun was perfect for it today. Now I just have to wait and see how they do. My herbs are doing good but the thyme and chocolate mint hasn't come up yet nor has the italian oregano.I don't know if those will come up.If not I'll have to replant the thyme but I have no more oregano or chocolate mint.That was a one time deal on the seeds.The Basil is rapidly growing already.I have a couple of oriental peppers coming up,I think that is what is growing.So now I can't wait to see how all this turns out,last year it was great.I had an abundance of tomatoes and peppers.Come fall I'll do the peas again.At least this year I didn't have to do the beds except clean them up and plant.Happy dance!

Everything has been quiet around here.I had to have a tooth pulled after suffering for over a week.I had to pay cash on that thing.It is still sore around the gums but at least it is feeling better.It was one of my front top teeth and now I look funny.I'll be glad to get dentures later.Bad teeth run in our family for some reason.Most of my brothers don't have teeth like me.

My dear nephew passed away of a heart attack the other night.He was only 46 years old.I am sad for my brother and his family and pray they recover from the shock.It was very sudden.

We have had some wonderful sunny days here in the south.Everything is drying out. We got the grass cut,boy was it high! Now we have a yard.I haven't seen the bunny rabbits running around,I don't know where they went,at least they won't be getting into the carrots,I planted them in buckets on the back deck.It's been great to open the windows and doors.You can smell the pine trees here.

We had to break down and get a window motor for the truck. That was a pain.It's been out for a while.We don't like running the air conditioner in the truck,we rather have the windows down instead.Small things are always aggravating.But at least it wasn't major Yah!

Well all caught up on what has been going on around here. I still have some weeding to do and replant a few things in bigger pots but hey it's all fun.I got a feeling these long nails of mine won't last long.