Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All In

I finally got all my stuff put in the garden. Today I planted my gourds and the other day I got my tomatoe plants set out along with my bush beans. I didn't get my potatoes done but I can do them next year.It felt good to get out of the house and do some gardening.The sun was perfect for it today. Now I just have to wait and see how they do. My herbs are doing good but the thyme and chocolate mint hasn't come up yet nor has the italian oregano.I don't know if those will come up.If not I'll have to replant the thyme but I have no more oregano or chocolate mint.That was a one time deal on the seeds.The Basil is rapidly growing already.I have a couple of oriental peppers coming up,I think that is what is growing.So now I can't wait to see how all this turns out,last year it was great.I had an abundance of tomatoes and peppers.Come fall I'll do the peas again.At least this year I didn't have to do the beds except clean them up and plant.Happy dance!

Everything has been quiet around here.I had to have a tooth pulled after suffering for over a week.I had to pay cash on that thing.It is still sore around the gums but at least it is feeling better.It was one of my front top teeth and now I look funny.I'll be glad to get dentures later.Bad teeth run in our family for some reason.Most of my brothers don't have teeth like me.

My dear nephew passed away of a heart attack the other night.He was only 46 years old.I am sad for my brother and his family and pray they recover from the shock.It was very sudden.

We have had some wonderful sunny days here in the south.Everything is drying out. We got the grass cut,boy was it high! Now we have a yard.I haven't seen the bunny rabbits running around,I don't know where they went,at least they won't be getting into the carrots,I planted them in buckets on the back deck.It's been great to open the windows and doors.You can smell the pine trees here.

We had to break down and get a window motor for the truck. That was a pain.It's been out for a while.We don't like running the air conditioner in the truck,we rather have the windows down instead.Small things are always aggravating.But at least it wasn't major Yah!

Well all caught up on what has been going on around here. I still have some weeding to do and replant a few things in bigger pots but hey it's all fun.I got a feeling these long nails of mine won't last long.

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