Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Progress at Last(Plant updates)

Carrots in the containers and a pot of Parsley

Avocado trees and some Marigolds

My Sage is doing very well

The Rosemary and the Marjoram is growing slow
I also am growing Coleus up top

I had a couple of Tomatoe plants left from the yard so I decided to pot these

The Basil is doing fantastic

Pot of Coleus

I have managed to get thru the last two weeks with a toothache(got it pulled) and for the last week a really bad sinus infection.When I look at my plants,all that pain goes away and I get into gardening mode.It helps.And it's free compared to that dentist I saw. Something was eating on my green beans but I took care of that with some powdered stuff.The tomatoe plants in the yard are growing very well and the gourds are doing ok. It will take time for them to really get going.We are suppose to have rain come this weekend which the plants really need it.The only thing I didn't plant was the potatoes,well maybe next year.I got enough going right now.I'm looking at tillers  for next year too.

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