Sunday, May 24, 2015

Positive Thinking

Sitting here looking at the house,we can't wait to get started on the flooring and walls.We are having to wait on these things till we get some "other" stuff paid off.Sometimes it happens when you are just starting off,everything has to come in time. Positive thinking has kept me sane so far. We have so much to do to the house and want it over with. I've concentrated on mainly the outside,keeping it clean and picked up.Doing a garden sure has helped. Keeps me active and focused.Working towards a goal for a homestead is very important.Once you see all your hard work coming together is wonderful.Today I'm going to go in a few minutes and wash off the pollen from the front porch,we got slammed with that mess.Not to mention all the cobwebs too.Our hummingbird has come home and he has been flying around,the rest hasn't showed up yet.Tomorrow we are suppose to have some rain come in I think for a couple of days.The plants out back really need the rain water. Life has blessed us and I thank God for it. Hurry up September that's our pay off time!
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