Monday, August 31, 2015

My Eyes

Today went and seen the eye doctor.He said I have the start of cataracts in both my eyes and I have a mole on one of them.A mole?Yep a mole.How it got there only nature knows.Well I have to go back in two months and let him check it to see if it has gotten bigger.And I have dry eyes and need drops four times a day. Surgery?,probably so later on.But hey that's ok with me. I picked out my glasses and they will be ready in a week. I best get back to my beadwork while I can still see huh? I'll start that soon too.

Well that's what's going on today.I still can't see too good with all the tests they gave me today.I was surprised I could even drive home,but I made it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finally some Sun

This is great,going to be sunny for a few days and we get to dry out! M peas are growing on the strings I set up and are doing good.Hopefully we'll have some soon.My carrots are doing better,I guess I planted too many in the bucket for them to grow before or it was a bad batch of seeds.I have to plant Kale the first of September.

Things have been going pretty good since the busted pipe under the house.So far it hasn't leaked.This house needs all the pipes replaced which is on the list to do around here.Have to also get this house ready for winter too.It's funny how it feels we just got over this past winter and here it comes again.Kids are already back in school and feels like fall in the air's been cool and the days are so nice.I hope it stays this way for awhile.Hubstead has been sneezing and couching,something is going around here. I've talked to alot of people who has this crud. It's been nasty but fortunately I haven't caught it.It's more allergies than anything.

This is all I got left this summer.The peas are growing in the drawers I set out.I have two more for the Kale.The Avocado trees are doing really good.I need to repot it but I'm afraid if I do I might kill it.I killed two of my Cherimoya trees by doing that.Soon I'll be bringing in alot of this stuff and have NO idea where to put them.I have one north facing window that gets some light but I don't think it'll be enough to substain them thru the winter.I may have to put a couple in hubsteads office,it's a southeast facing window but it's also high too.The Coleus are the biggest thing to deal with.Can I keep them going?My herbs can put them in the kitchen window and give them plenty of light.

A guy where hubstead works has chickens and we have been buying fresh eggs from him.They are really good eggs too.We bought two dozen from them cause we go thru alot of eggs around here.I cook alot and bake too.Yeah that's probably why I weigh as much as I do.But that's ok I enjoy cooking!I sauteeded up some brussel sprouts last night that was out of this world.I put them in a small pan an added garlic and olive oil and butter.Then when they started carmelizing I added half a chicken buoillion and water and let them steam down.This the only way I'll eat brussel sprouts now.

Well that's what has been going on around here.Not much but at least it's going.Soon hubstead will be going hunting and we'll have some deer meat in the freezer for the winter.Yeah we eat deer meat.I'm getting where I can't eat beef anymore,I tolerate chicken sometimes but I do like fish.Cow meat is getting where it's stinks when I cook it,now it's fresh but it stinks to me.I have no idea why either.

Ok have a great Wedsday today and take it easy folks!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rain and more Rain

Yep we are flooded again,dang rain.It's suppose to rain until Saturday.Grass is knee high or higher.What a week.Next week I got to go for some new glasses.Can't see that well with the ones I have.Peas are shooting up like crazy and carrots are doing well.Can't ask for anything better!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trying Something Different

I'm trying something different.

I now have peas coming up in these.This seems to be working and if so I have two more drawers and going to plant Kale in them.Besides I still have that pesty rabbit running around in the back yard.I hope it doesn't figure out how to get up on the deck.If this does good this year I'm trying the green beans next year the same way.I have found out that container gardening is easier on my back.So now I've got to go get some more 5 gallon buckets to set up.I'm fixing to pull up some of my Marigolds they went nuts this year but fortunately I had them in buckets too.I have 9 gourds so far and so need to cut the grass around them.It's been raining here and about the time we dry out it rains again.So aggravating.I also planted some more carrots and they are coming up and the tomatoe plants I had left are growing good.I didn't get my lettuce in this year but I'm willing to wait till I have a good place for them.Besides I've have misplaced my seeds somewheres along with my okra too.Gosh I hate that not being able to remember!I guess I'll have to tear apart some places.

I'm on new medication and my brain is not working right,yet,anyways.I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day!Anyway have a great Wedsday!

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Little at a Time

Yesterday ,we had a down pour of rain.Needless to say the swamp out front has come back and we still haven't gotten the whole front yard mowed.Today it looks the same.I was hoping we could cut all the grass out back and finish the front but now it looks we'll have to wait for it to dry out.I have been watching the weather this morning and dry weather is coming after this.My gourds are over run with grass and weeds and no relief in site so far.I don't even know how many gourds I have.I did get my snow peas in and I have to trellis them this weekend.

Our hummingbirds have not been as many this year too.I suspect someone around here has set out more feeders than we did.Maybe by next month we will get more birds come by.We really enjoy watching them fly back and forth around here.

Today we got to get groceries and pick up some nails for my project out back.I'm kind of getting excited,hubstead has a chance to buy a rifle to go hunting this year.We need a rifle around here anyways.Always a good thing to have on a homestead.We know that there are black bears around and I don't want to get caught out in the yard with one.They are elusive and don't show theirselves but it don't hurt to be cautious.

Well have a great FRIDAY! and a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm Trying Again

I got my carrots planted.This time I planted Scarlet Nantes to see how well these will do.I also didn't plant as many as I did the organic carrots.Which by the way didn't do very well.I don't know about buying seeds at the local store(the big W)because the quality don't seem to be as good as buying them from the local feed store where I go.Next month I'm planting Kale again but they are going into some left over drawers I have from the kitchen.These drawers aren't useful since we are planning on remodeling the kitchen.I have four and two will be for kale and the other two I'll be using for peas.I want to see how well my new project on these will work out.

I found this picture on the internet but something like this.

I want to string the peas up from the porch to keep the critters off them.Same with the kale to keep the rabbits from eating them.Problem is that my back deck isn't very big and it's gonna be a tight squeeze with the plants.But it will be full lol! I'm bringing in some of my plants and try to make house plants out of them for the winter. Like my Crown of Thorns and Coleus.My herbs are about done growing so that will be some open pots to use. And the marigolds are almost done too.I've been saving seeds from the Marigolds,I'll be sharing them with my sister-in-law for her garden next year.She has a project shes' working on for her front yard.I told her not to buy any seeds I would help her with those.Reminds me to buy some buckets soon too.I'm going container I guess.

Hubstead wants to put a pool out back next year.I told him fine go ahead but I'm still putting plants out there.I still like to grow some of my bigger ones like the corn and gourds and loofas.He wasn't too happy about that but told me I could do that too.I may just go into the front yard since we live off the main roads to do a front yard garden too.I found someone to build the chicken coop next spring but don't know the cost yet.I want the same guy to build me a couple of trellis' for my gourds and loofas.
With hubstead working like he does he don't have time to build too much.He decided against the smokehouse for now.

Orion is doing good,we are getting the handle on the fleas but poor him he still scratches alot.I have to give him a benadril every now and then to help.We keep him bathed as much as possible to rid him of the fleas but he loves his grass to roll around in.I've found one tick on him so far.He has shedded so bad this year.

Well that's about it,that's all going on around here.I got to get up and do some house work.Everyone have a great day!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Round Two on Planting

Well I had to so I went ahead and planted some more carrots but these were different kinds.I found a picture somewheres and I'm going to try next month on growing my peas from a string trellis attached to the porch railing.I still have to figure out how and where I'm going to put my kale.I may just try to container it too.That rabbit is still near by and I don't want it eating my kale up.I found one of my tomatoe plants I thought got thrown out from the hornworm problem but it survived somehow so I'm keeping an eye on it.It's still in the circle garden and I must of didn't pull hard enough to pull it up.

Today is gotta get off our butts and tackle the yard day.The grass is knee high.Got to mow and weed eat.Not gonna be pretty.The weather here has cooled down a little and we got a breeze coming in the house which makes it very pleasant.I have six gourds now! I am so happy about them coming in.I don't know how many I'll have yet but it's looking like there are going to be more.Last year I tried my hands at loofas and done good but we had a huge windstorm that blew over my trellis and it killed some of the loofas.These gourds are growing along the ground so I don't have to worry about that this year. Wonder what I can do next year?