Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm Trying Again

I got my carrots planted.This time I planted Scarlet Nantes to see how well these will do.I also didn't plant as many as I did the organic carrots.Which by the way didn't do very well.I don't know about buying seeds at the local store(the big W)because the quality don't seem to be as good as buying them from the local feed store where I go.Next month I'm planting Kale again but they are going into some left over drawers I have from the kitchen.These drawers aren't useful since we are planning on remodeling the kitchen.I have four and two will be for kale and the other two I'll be using for peas.I want to see how well my new project on these will work out.

I found this picture on the internet but something like this.

I want to string the peas up from the porch to keep the critters off them.Same with the kale to keep the rabbits from eating them.Problem is that my back deck isn't very big and it's gonna be a tight squeeze with the plants.But it will be full lol! I'm bringing in some of my plants and try to make house plants out of them for the winter. Like my Crown of Thorns and Coleus.My herbs are about done growing so that will be some open pots to use. And the marigolds are almost done too.I've been saving seeds from the Marigolds,I'll be sharing them with my sister-in-law for her garden next year.She has a project shes' working on for her front yard.I told her not to buy any seeds I would help her with those.Reminds me to buy some buckets soon too.I'm going container I guess.

Hubstead wants to put a pool out back next year.I told him fine go ahead but I'm still putting plants out there.I still like to grow some of my bigger ones like the corn and gourds and loofas.He wasn't too happy about that but told me I could do that too.I may just go into the front yard since we live off the main roads to do a front yard garden too.I found someone to build the chicken coop next spring but don't know the cost yet.I want the same guy to build me a couple of trellis' for my gourds and loofas.
With hubstead working like he does he don't have time to build too much.He decided against the smokehouse for now.

Orion is doing good,we are getting the handle on the fleas but poor him he still scratches alot.I have to give him a benadril every now and then to help.We keep him bathed as much as possible to rid him of the fleas but he loves his grass to roll around in.I've found one tick on him so far.He has shedded so bad this year.

Well that's about it,that's all going on around here.I got to get up and do some house work.Everyone have a great day!

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