Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trying Something Different

I'm trying something different.

I now have peas coming up in these.This seems to be working and if so I have two more drawers and going to plant Kale in them.Besides I still have that pesty rabbit running around in the back yard.I hope it doesn't figure out how to get up on the deck.If this does good this year I'm trying the green beans next year the same way.I have found out that container gardening is easier on my back.So now I've got to go get some more 5 gallon buckets to set up.I'm fixing to pull up some of my Marigolds they went nuts this year but fortunately I had them in buckets too.I have 9 gourds so far and so need to cut the grass around them.It's been raining here and about the time we dry out it rains again.So aggravating.I also planted some more carrots and they are coming up and the tomatoe plants I had left are growing good.I didn't get my lettuce in this year but I'm willing to wait till I have a good place for them.Besides I've have misplaced my seeds somewheres along with my okra too.Gosh I hate that not being able to remember!I guess I'll have to tear apart some places.

I'm on new medication and my brain is not working right,yet,anyways.I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day!Anyway have a great Wedsday!

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