Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finally some Sun

This is great,going to be sunny for a few days and we get to dry out! M peas are growing on the strings I set up and are doing good.Hopefully we'll have some soon.My carrots are doing better,I guess I planted too many in the bucket for them to grow before or it was a bad batch of seeds.I have to plant Kale the first of September.

Things have been going pretty good since the busted pipe under the house.So far it hasn't leaked.This house needs all the pipes replaced which is on the list to do around here.Have to also get this house ready for winter too.It's funny how it feels we just got over this past winter and here it comes again.Kids are already back in school and feels like fall in the air's been cool and the days are so nice.I hope it stays this way for awhile.Hubstead has been sneezing and couching,something is going around here. I've talked to alot of people who has this crud. It's been nasty but fortunately I haven't caught it.It's more allergies than anything.

This is all I got left this summer.The peas are growing in the drawers I set out.I have two more for the Kale.The Avocado trees are doing really good.I need to repot it but I'm afraid if I do I might kill it.I killed two of my Cherimoya trees by doing that.Soon I'll be bringing in alot of this stuff and have NO idea where to put them.I have one north facing window that gets some light but I don't think it'll be enough to substain them thru the winter.I may have to put a couple in hubsteads office,it's a southeast facing window but it's also high too.The Coleus are the biggest thing to deal with.Can I keep them going?My herbs can put them in the kitchen window and give them plenty of light.

A guy where hubstead works has chickens and we have been buying fresh eggs from him.They are really good eggs too.We bought two dozen from them cause we go thru alot of eggs around here.I cook alot and bake too.Yeah that's probably why I weigh as much as I do.But that's ok I enjoy cooking!I sauteeded up some brussel sprouts last night that was out of this world.I put them in a small pan an added garlic and olive oil and butter.Then when they started carmelizing I added half a chicken buoillion and water and let them steam down.This the only way I'll eat brussel sprouts now.

Well that's what has been going on around here.Not much but at least it's going.Soon hubstead will be going hunting and we'll have some deer meat in the freezer for the winter.Yeah we eat deer meat.I'm getting where I can't eat beef anymore,I tolerate chicken sometimes but I do like fish.Cow meat is getting where it's stinks when I cook it,now it's fresh but it stinks to me.I have no idea why either.

Ok have a great Wedsday today and take it easy folks!

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