Friday, August 7, 2015

A Little at a Time

Yesterday ,we had a down pour of rain.Needless to say the swamp out front has come back and we still haven't gotten the whole front yard mowed.Today it looks the same.I was hoping we could cut all the grass out back and finish the front but now it looks we'll have to wait for it to dry out.I have been watching the weather this morning and dry weather is coming after this.My gourds are over run with grass and weeds and no relief in site so far.I don't even know how many gourds I have.I did get my snow peas in and I have to trellis them this weekend.

Our hummingbirds have not been as many this year too.I suspect someone around here has set out more feeders than we did.Maybe by next month we will get more birds come by.We really enjoy watching them fly back and forth around here.

Today we got to get groceries and pick up some nails for my project out back.I'm kind of getting excited,hubstead has a chance to buy a rifle to go hunting this year.We need a rifle around here anyways.Always a good thing to have on a homestead.We know that there are black bears around and I don't want to get caught out in the yard with one.They are elusive and don't show theirselves but it don't hurt to be cautious.

Well have a great FRIDAY! and a great weekend everyone.

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