Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Have No Words for This Garden

I must have done something right this year.I composted and played in the dirt and added perlite and I just hoped that it would be good this year.BUT WOW here it is.

                                                   Tomatoes and carrots

More tomatoes

Leaf lettuce

I also planted yard long green beans in my circle. I've never grew these before so it ought to be interesting.

I was able to get two kinds I think,one set of seeds were black and the other was red.But both are suppose to produce the same kind of bean.We'll see!.

We have been getting alot of rain and it has helped so much.It seemed one day they were barely there then they were taking off fast. I have seen peoples gardens doing this this year so it's a good sign that we are going to have a good crop.

Last year I really couldn't get things going but I was determined to do it this time. I've been sick with either a summer cold or allergies.It was rough for two weeks but I held in there.It probably would had been worse had I been smoking but I'm finishing up 11 months now.Next month on the 7th of July will be one year since I quit. It hasn't been easy but now I'm alot better.

We have been doing more cleaning and finding more crap to replace.I'm gonna try to see if hubstead wants to go ahead and fix the bathroom that has the tub in it.But first we have to get under the house to see how the floor is holding up.Right now I wouldn't even try to fill up the tub with water and get in it,I'd be afraid I'd fall thru.Well that and the fact I have gained alittle weight since I quit smoking has alot to do with it(rolling eyes).

Orion is doing well.We are fighting the fleas and ticks.We didn't have a winter per say and it wasn't cold enough to kill off the bad bugs.AND we have to watch about him being out in the yard now because there was a copperhead out there two weeks ago and it almost bit hubstead. So yeah they are out this year.I have been putting coconut oil on his dry skin(the dog) ,it's bad this year.He has allergies too and I try to give him stuff but it don't help.I guess some animals are like that.

Oh I made another batch of soap.I think I'm getting the hang of it! Next ones I'm making will be coffee soap.I'll post pictures when I do those.
First batch

Second batch

I didn't realize it but I was making the soap and I'm working on another basket and growing loofas! Sounds like a gift basket coming together.I may make some this year for Christmas presents.mmmm.

Well that's what has been going on the hill.We had that nasty storm come thru and uprooted alot of local trees. Alot of rain too.All I can say too it was windy. Ok hope you have a great Thursday today and don't let life knock ya down!

Any questions feel free to ask.I check my email everyday.