Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oh Here Comes Winter!

Yep we are gonna get socked full force with Mr.Winter tomorrow. I have tried to insulated this crappy mobile home the best I could. My broccoli took a dive outside. We had too many cold days and nights for them to survive. BUT I have three broccoli plants inside and they are putting out! So cool. I went and had my walk  for today and I don't know when I'll be able to go again. I'm now down 51 pounds less than I was. 3 more and my sister-in-law said she was gonna throw me a party(yeah we'll see about that)My brother said "she'll probably serve ice cream and cake".No I don't think so! Ok maybe the low carb sugar free stuff.

I told hubstead I did not want to be here if the winter is gonna be this cold.We needed this though.The fleas and ticks were horrible and the we usually don't have snakes in the yard but this year we had a couple. One was a Copperhead. Not good with my dog walking around. On the other side,the other night,there was a big buck outside.The deer are in rut this time of the year here. He had a set of large antlers on him .I've never seen him around here and since then I haven't.There is alot of wooded area where we live. I hope he comes back through maybe I can get a picture of him without scaring him.

Oh remember I said I wanted to learn two things every year? My next thing,tie dyeing and learning how to pressure can. Canner,Santa didn't bring one so I got to buy that myself. Thanks Santa,you fat,sorry, never mind. Anyways,I'm planting a bigger garden next year(hubstead is not too happy with that)but beans are on the menu and tomatoes. I can't eat too many tomatoes on this diet but I can have a little. I can eat above ground vegetables and very little root veggies. Most root veggies have sugar and starches. I am growing peas,Snow peas which I can have those. I have all my stuff to fight the bugs and hopefully I won't get blight too. So next year is planned I hope.

We haven't done much work on the house in the last couple of years.The last thing we did was put a metal roof on. This is a rather large doublewide and its getting hard for me to take care of it. I'm wanting to sell it down the road but hubstead said no it'll be paid for. I'm wanting a small cabin on some flat land. Here we can't get out during the winter because we are on a hill. And to get out you have to go up another hill which it's paved and ice is very slick. I am not going to ruin my truck for anyone.But it hasn't been that bad.lots of things to still explore and I also was thinking about natural tie dying too. Got to do some looking on the internet for that.

Well that's it for now. I'll post some pictures if it snows.My camera is old and maybe it will work. So everyone have a great New Year!!!! Leave your worries and pain behind and start out fresh.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Weight Loss and Me

I am doing really well on this high fat low carb WOE(way of eating). I've lost 45 pounds since the first of July this year. I'm enjoying getting in the kitchen and cooking up new recipes too. I couldn't believe just by cutting out  sugar(oh yeah it's got to go!) and any kind of flour including wheat,processed foods,fruits that are high in sugar. You got to read labels and know how to read them. Temptation is every where and I got it down of saying no. I highly recommend this to anyone who is over weight and struggling with diabetes. This WOE lets you eat fat(yep that's what I said) like real butter and I drink whipping cream in my coffee.Try the bulletproof coffee,it's fantastic! Get ya going. I eat alot of veggies,but only the ones that grow above ground and and ones that are not high in sugar. Meat with fat is great,eggs,good oils.If you're interested look it up.I set myself up on this which was easy. Most of you know I quit smoking last year and wanted to watch my weight,well this did it.

Our cold is coming and I am dreading it this year. The last two years were really warm for winter.I have everything,so far,ready for it but you're never really ready. Me and mine caught a respiratory virus that almost did us in.I have never had anything like that.The chills,fever,coughing(alot!) so much my chest felt like it was on fire.If you get this ,go to the doctor,not only is it bad but highly contagious.I was in the room with the person for only 10 minutes.

Well I'll get back to hollar at ya when something comes up and I can think.I believe I'm still recooping from this mess.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Taking Charge

Interesting how life goes sometimes.I have been busy trying to get this awful weight off me and now it's going great.Since July 1st of this year I have dropped 37 pounds. I was just feeling so sluggish and run down. Plus the fact too I quit smoking over a year ago.Wow a whole year has gone by. I can not begin to say how much better I feel for my age. I'm on a low carb way of eating.I ran across this while I was in a stop smoking group on FB. Which by the way I deactivated my account from there.Long story.And now I feel free from that. Anyway they were very supportive of people trying to quit and really helped me out.I will miss them. This low carb eating consist of eating high fat and medium protein and about between 20 to 30 carbs a day. I cut out pepsi,sugar,pasta,potatoes,breads(I do miss biscuits),cakes and anything that is processed.Also grains and some fruit because of the high sugar content and beans.Now I know some people would cringe at some of this but I didn't eat alot of this stuff anyway. I detoxed from this and it was rough but now I get nauseous if I even smell some of it. However the new way of cooking has me in the kitchen more.I'm using almond flour(sparely) and coconut flour,eating breakfast more which consist for now of eggs and bacon or sausage and I make a piece of  bread from almond flour.Its not like regular flour,its actually made from almonds but it rises like flour. I read labels,you have to on this.I've been losing about a half a pound a week.

Eggs left over cube steak and spinach
Eggs,Avocado and Kale.
Just a couple of examples here

Now on to the garden. From last month on the blog,I had 5 loofahs,well I found two more. So this year the vines have produced 10 loofahs all together. I've planted some more broccoli and the weather here is turning cooler so we'll have to see how they turn out.I did plant carrots just to see if I could get them growing,yeah got beautiful tops and tiny carrots and that's about it. I'm not trying again. My spinach is coming along nicely as long as I can keep the bugs off. I've been collecting yard long green beans off the vine all summer and now they are about done.Today I'm pulling them up and cleaning that area so I can plant something else next year. I won't be planting loofahs next year cause I have enough to give away to friends and family if they want them.I have to make some goatsmilk soap again.I made coffee soap but it's way too rough to give out.I'm stuck with the bars I have but they will be used. I didn't grind the coffee grounds up and left them as they were. Yeah they are rough,about take the skin off. So I have been quite busy this summer.I taught myself to can jelly,make soap and still doing my baskets and very little and I mean very little on my beads. I exercise everyday and watch my weight and try to be positive. I'm doing good. It's going to be great to buy some new clothes. I put a bra on and I laughed so hard,yep didn't fit. I do believe I have taken charge of things about myself and feel really good about it. I didn't know if I could but I did know if I didn't I wouldn't last. I was getting bad. I have a new saying,change the way you think can change your world. Y'all have a great day!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Summer Bust

I really thought this summer was going to be good.It started out that way but wow,just wow.My tomato plants got blight but before they did I managed to get a few tomatoes off them.I planted the wrong broccoli and instead of the nice round ones I ended up with the stemmy ones.

And that beautiful leafy potato bush,NOTHING! I had ants just annihilate it within a few days.I was sick.
And every time I thought I had the bugs under control and treating the plants well it would rain real bad.Even my mint is looking bad.But before it did I did this.

That's mint jelly at the top and muscadines at the bottom.YES I learned how to make and can jelly.My soaps are doing very well too.The loofahs came out great this year.

I have five more on the vine.I hope they will get bigger before the first frost gets here.So really the summer wasn't that much of a bust but frustrating.

Ok enough of that.I have been doing some weight loss on a low carb diet.I've lost 27 pounds since July 1st of this year.I love it.Then I'm going on 14 months of not smoking and doing very good on it.Life is looking up!I quess  that's been the size of my summer.Oh if you get a chance,get you some yard long beans.Mine put out all summer long.Love them.Next summer I'm putting in more so I can can them (as soon as I get a pressure canner).maybe  Santa will bring me one! Ok bye bye for now and I will try to get on here more often.

Friday, July 7, 2017

So Much Rain


We have had storms rolling thru because of the tropical storm.I can't begin to tell you how bleak its been.It's been muggy and hot and wet.You can feel the moisture creeping around in the house.

I added cow manure to the plants and earlier went out(between rain storms) and checked up on all of them.All are doing extremely well and now there are five luffahs coming in and three of them are going to be huge!I was hoping the seeds were good but they are only three years old.They are from the very first time I planted them.I have been so happy because this has been a good year for me with the garden.

I have hubstead interested now!!He's going to be the watermelon and cantaloupe man.The biggest thing is getting a shed in here to put everything in.Kind of got the porches piled up right now.He also has been looking at grape vines and berry bushes.


Had sunshine for a couple days and its been great for the plants.The cow manure has caused the plants to really take off!  We got some rain coming Friday so I'm gonna water until then.
The fleas are still really bad.Orion has a lot on him to the point of giving him a bath every week.He likes it but I'm afraid it will dry his skin out too much.

I finally cleaned up my dining room.It's amazing how cluttered up things get.Since I quit smoking,I think I might be becoming OCD. Now everything HAS to be clean! I have been going at it full force.
Come this Saturday I will be going also full force on trying to lose weight.I have my basic outline of foods to eat and what not to eat.I think I may have a thyroid issue and next time I see my doctor I'm gonna get that checked.In the meantime I'm eating a some paleo foods to see if it helps.We will see.No I'm not gonna put a picture of myself on here.Just think I need to lose at least 70 pounds or more and leave it at that! yes I'm a big woman.


So much rain.Even though the plants are soaking it up,it's just has been too much.Then it gets so muggy here.Don't know what's worse too much rain or out west ,too much heat.Both are extreme. And finally got my furbaby some flea help.Yesterday went down and got him a chewable tablet for his fleas.Today he is sleeping good and has a great attitude.The fleas have been so bad this year because we didn't have a cold winter.I didn't read the side affects for this stuff until after I gave it to him.I had to monitor him for awhile to make sure he didn't get sick.But so far so good and his flea buddies are gone.And I really didn't know what the vet was going to give him till we got there.

Got my first red tomatoe off the vine yesterday and harvested a few yard long beans and I have to say they taste a little lemony.To me anyways.I put them in a pan with olive oil or grapeseed oil and a little butter and garlic.They are so good .I was surprised and I had read to pull them at 12 to 18 inches long.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I Have No Words for This Garden

I must have done something right this year.I composted and played in the dirt and added perlite and I just hoped that it would be good this year.BUT WOW here it is.

                                                   Tomatoes and carrots

More tomatoes

Leaf lettuce

I also planted yard long green beans in my circle. I've never grew these before so it ought to be interesting.

I was able to get two kinds I think,one set of seeds were black and the other was red.But both are suppose to produce the same kind of bean.We'll see!.

We have been getting alot of rain and it has helped so much.It seemed one day they were barely there then they were taking off fast. I have seen peoples gardens doing this this year so it's a good sign that we are going to have a good crop.

Last year I really couldn't get things going but I was determined to do it this time. I've been sick with either a summer cold or allergies.It was rough for two weeks but I held in there.It probably would had been worse had I been smoking but I'm finishing up 11 months now.Next month on the 7th of July will be one year since I quit. It hasn't been easy but now I'm alot better.

We have been doing more cleaning and finding more crap to replace.I'm gonna try to see if hubstead wants to go ahead and fix the bathroom that has the tub in it.But first we have to get under the house to see how the floor is holding up.Right now I wouldn't even try to fill up the tub with water and get in it,I'd be afraid I'd fall thru.Well that and the fact I have gained alittle weight since I quit smoking has alot to do with it(rolling eyes).

Orion is doing well.We are fighting the fleas and ticks.We didn't have a winter per say and it wasn't cold enough to kill off the bad bugs.AND we have to watch about him being out in the yard now because there was a copperhead out there two weeks ago and it almost bit hubstead. So yeah they are out this year.I have been putting coconut oil on his dry skin(the dog) ,it's bad this year.He has allergies too and I try to give him stuff but it don't help.I guess some animals are like that.

Oh I made another batch of soap.I think I'm getting the hang of it! Next ones I'm making will be coffee soap.I'll post pictures when I do those.
First batch

Second batch

I didn't realize it but I was making the soap and I'm working on another basket and growing loofas! Sounds like a gift basket coming together.I may make some this year for Christmas presents.mmmm.

Well that's what has been going on the hill.We had that nasty storm come thru and uprooted alot of local trees. Alot of rain too.All I can say too it was windy. Ok hope you have a great Thursday today and don't let life knock ya down!

Any questions feel free to ask.I check my email everyday.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Plain Trellises

Well here we are.

AND the potato can.

I'm not so sure how this is going to turn out because I areated the dirt and there's nothing there.Keeping my fingers crossed.I planted Yukon Golds here.

I am now doing homemade soap.These are goatsmilk and it was fun!!!
Image may contain: indoor

I am trying to stay busy and I think I am doing a good job lol. I'm also doing my pine needle baskets too.

Have a great day I just wanted to post some pictures.The rains are coming I hope cause my plants need so much water.Oh the trellis is the loofas.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Snakes on the Hill and Garden Pictures

Well we killed two snakes.One was a copperhead which are regular residents around here.The other was a black snake(I know they are good snakes)but when one has a phobia they are all bad.The copperhead you couldn't see until you was right up on it.That was scary.And we had just got the grass cut the day before. The city(if that's what you want to call them)finally got the road in front of the house fixed.I figure what happened is that they stirred the snakes up and the snakes came this way and to the pond next door. This is the first time they have shown up in the yard since we have been here.

I have the totes loaded for the summer.I'm planting to loophas again this year and I'm trying my hand at potatoes. This is a 50 gallon garbage can and a 5 gallon bucket.Don't know if they are going to turn out but we'll see!

I have the trellis thanks to hubstead,he designed a trellis for the loophas.I planted my usual leaf lettuce but I put them in a tote this time.I ate off that lettuce I put in the 5 gallon bucket all summer so I figure the more the better.I have tomatoes plants and I started too many so now I have to find a spot for them.I'm trying carrots again and broccoli plants and I hope I can keep these alive.Last time I got broccoli plants those worms got a hold o them and they looked like swiss cheese.I'm growing yard long green beans this year.I'm gonna have to put these out in the yard and hope the deer we have won't bother them.OR thinking here-I could put them in a tote and make a trellis going up the side of the deck.Container gardening hasn't been too bad.I still would rather grow alot of stuff out in the yard.

And no -no chickens this year yet.I'm still buying eggs from a local guy,he's got some really nice eggs.

Well I'm going into my 10th month of not smoking.It 's getting better every month and I'm getting more energy.I already said that now I get so sick if I am around the smoke and if I smell someone who has smoked.When I go shopping and I smell it I have to walk away real quick.I still can't believe I use to smell like that.I just want to tell people if you smoke try to stop because things are so much better.Food taste sooo good and cooking has become fun.And you can smell too.I smell things now that I have never noticed.The flowers here and the clothes when they get dried with a fabric softener.My eyesight has gotten better too.I was in awe about how colorful the trees were when they came out for Spring. I said I've never noticed how many greens there are. It's been great. I have some of my meds I take to thank for it too.

Ok that's it with whats going on around here.I'll try to post more often.I'll get the picture of the trellis when we put it up.Have a great Tuesday!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden is started!

Yeah I got some stuff going. I planted leaf lettuce,broccoli,carrots,rosemary,parsley,tomatoes,swiss chard and mint.And as a trying out this year,potatoes in a garbage can.They are doing great so far!We are getting more rain than I would like.We haven't really had some sunny days because of the cold.The cold snap we had was for three nights and it was cold.

Walked out on the back deck and saw that the leaf lettuce,had little tiny leaves coming up,had been chewed off.I was so mad,I kind of figure it was that squirrel I got running around here. I had caught him on the back here while back and he ran off,stopped and looked at me like what? He's gone you can bet that!

It's warm here today at 70 degrees and we got severe storms coming in soon.That is the last thing we need here is more rain and more it being wet.

I have started making my soap! I kind of went for something that I should have waited on but I'm ok with this.I made some goats milk soap.6 bars and 4 round ones. I have to wait now for them to cure 4-6 weeks,longer is better.I'll keep ya updated on how it goes.

Here's some of it.

It has coconut oil,olive oil and crisco(yes crisco,but I was told to use lard)It was all I had.And of course goats milk. I used canned goats milk and it was gold when I poured it and I thought ,well I don't want gold bars but they have turned lighter since they were made. Oh my God! I just washed a little piece in my hands and I got LATHER which means I did it right YEAH ME LOL!!

Wow it rained so hard here last night and it also hailed.We are soaked again for awhile.I am so hoping that this doesn't hamper the seeds I planted.I was something else. Ok hope everyone has a great day,I gonna sit here and start working on my baskets.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I Finally Came Around

A few of you know that I have written about how hard it has been getting use to being here.
I really loved Texas but circumstances brought us here. I didn't want to accept that I am now here permanently so I was willing to make the best of it.What changed? Well we have been here for 3 and half years and I have been expanding my knowledge of gardening,which I wanted to do anyways,now I am fixing to get into soap making,let ya know how that goes,I have been collecting supplies right now.Later on this year I will be learning how to can! I am getting excited about all of this. I have always been self taught on everything I have done.

I have found an endless supply of basket making pine needles. I have made a few of these and people like them.It's my part of staying busy.

Update of  my quit smoking.I have officially stopped for 8 months now. I still get wheezy and I have to go to the doctor about it but I have found doing things around here so much easier. Now if I can find some relief for my back,I'd be a happy camper. If you smoke please give it a try to stop. My hair quit falling out,my skin cleared up and yes I have gained some weight but nothing that I can't take off. I can concentrate finally and focus on things I need to do.

 As my soap making ,I will post pictures and hope the soap turns out good ,there is no guarantees on that lol.

It was a good thing we got the roof on.There has been SO MUCH rain,if we hadn't we wouldn't of been able to live here.The yard has been flooded and the news says we will be getting alittle snow either this weekend or Tuesday.We'll see on this but it has turned off cold again.

Yep I planted carrots and lettuce outside,they haven't come up yet. Next weekend ,praying,it will be better cause I have to get the potatoes in. I picked yukon gold,I might have bit off more than I can chew.

I have tomatoes  and bell peppers in my red cups.I also decided to try to grow broccoli and brussel sprouts from seeds. I'm trying the swiss chard and onions but I don't think they will do any good.May have to replant those.So I got something going on.I don't have enough totes to plant some of these plants in but have found a feed store,my favorite,to get some straw bales of hay. I got the yard space and I heard it was a great way to grow stuff so I'm willing to give it a try. The bales cost 3 cents more than the totes and won't use hardly any potting soil.Win,win.

I have a bit of work to do over the next 2 months,it will be slow but hopefully steady. I'm deep cleaning the house now and it needed it. I get into these slumps and I feel I just can't move. I have a doctor for that.Most know I have bipolar disorder and sometimes it gets to me.I don't feel like cleaning house or much of anything else so when I get  a burst of energy I try to use it to an advantage. It may also been because of the weather. We have had a warm winter here in the south and alot of times I have had the front door open.I think that has helped me get going. If I can get off the sugar that would be great! I told my doctor,he said something about caffeine and I stopped him and said look I quit smoking,I don't do the drugs and I quit drinking(yeah a boring life) but I am not fixing to stop my caffeine,I don't think he liked that too well. Its all I got left.

Orion is doing well,being a little brat as always.

When he looks at me like this I melt. I had to do surgery on his toy yesterday. He got mad at it. Night before last he finally caught the mouse that has been driving us insane! Hubstead walked into the kitchen to see what he was doing and he was flipping it and playing with it. Hubstead tried to take it away from him and Orion got so mad he was growling at him.I told him hey it was his mouse he caught it so he just wanted to play with it for a few minutes.Didn't go over well. At least I don't have to have a cat uh?

Sorry it took so long to blog,been trying to get this house ready for spring,keeping our fingers crossed.  I am beginning to feel it will be worth it to fix this house.I do like the idea of having a roof over our heads. So have a good day,evening,night where ever you are!

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Year,Finally!

Whew that was a little rough last year but made it through.Boy these last three nights were sooo cold here.It didn't snow and I hope people who did get it are safe. I was not looking forward to the snow we had in 2014. Three inches,nope don't miss it. Told hubstead that this next winter,a wood burning stove is going to be here.I hate this electricity use.As far as I can tell we didn't have any pipes to burst.Thankyou Lord!!! The water in the shower won't go down yet.I'm dying to have a hot shower.

Can't wait for Spring to come already.Been reading the garden seed catalogs and see so much till my eyes hurt.Hubstead is building the smokehouse.Had people already ask how much he would charge to smoke stuff.He killed a buck over a week ago.I don't mind taking it to the processor but I do mind the money.I will have to rethink about the doing it myself.I don't care only the blood smell makes me gag.And we need a grinder to make the ground meat and I need one of those stainless steel mallets for cube steaks.Then it would be all good.

I have officially been smoke free for 6 months! I feel so much better and can do more. I sleep better and my taste has returned along with my sense of smell. I've gained a little weight but I can rid myself of that.

It has been unusually warm.My kale that I thought had gotten killed has come back and taste better than ever.It has been pouring rain this past week.The front yard is soaked and now we have a cool wind blowing. I have been writing on this blog since the first of the year.It's now the 23rd of January and it's just cooling off again.This weather has been crazy.I kinda wonder what February holds in store for us?

I've been making my pine needle baskets again.The pine needles fell early this year and I was able to get a bunch in a garbage bag to keep me busy for this winter. I made one already and working on a smaller one.I have no idea what I'm gonna do with them.

Come on Spring,can't get here soon enough.Well this was short and no pictures yet so everyone have a great Monday!