Monday, July 7, 2014

Just another Monday

Well this week went by fast.Hubstead goes back to work tomorrow. I didn't get a whole lot done with him home. So far I've had two Roma tomatoes rotted on the vine but I think I can help them along with some extra calcium. I gave Orion a bath yesterday,poor thing was scratching pretty bad.He always looks rough during the summer,he did in Texas. I'm still finding ticks crawling around and we try to be careful where we go in the yard. Today is wash day so later off to the laundry mat we go. Found out yesterday my real mothers ex husband passed away.I'm mentioning it because if I hadn't been adopted by my aunt and uncle he would of raised me.He did partly raise my brother so they are going to the funeral today.

It's been nice having hubstead home for the week.Got the grass cut and it rained the other day.He starting to look at the plants in the garden more closely and we have talked about what to do next year.He wants to put a few things up because I mentioned to him I wanted a bigger garden. My Sweet Banana Peppers are growing ,I'm thrilled about that.They are two inches long now and my jalapenos are putting out. The Bell peppers are just not working for me this year,they start to bloom then nothing. But now since I've put them in the yard they may do better,my other peppers did.

I've been reading on the net about the mosquito virus going around.I keep all the water dumped out and check to see how much water is around the plants.This of course helps but it doesn't help when you live next to someones pond.I think its gonna get rough around here with those things. Rolling with the flow here!

I made a roast yesterday but didn't have no carrots to put in just potatoes.It was really good.I saved some of the broth from the last roast and added to it.I don't throw nothing out if I think I can use it again.
The homestead,the shed isn't there anymore. Yep we live in a cubby hole there.And we have a hill beside us and one in back.Bad thing we get the rain water run off from both hills.On the right next to those trees is where the neighbors pond is.In the back we have a stream that runs directly into that pond.We've cleaned the yard up and have gotten the grass to grow better.The back doesn't really do the picture any good,this was taken off google earth.Right where the number is on that road was where that straight line wind or small tornado came through and tore up some trees up the hill.Yeah too close!!!

Well need to get up and start collecting the clothes to be washed. I'll write more later but I think it's gonna be a busy day today.Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Growing the Garden

I keep a record of everything I did right and everything I did wrong. The soil here was very soft in some places and hard in others.I tried to pick out the best spots for stuff to grow.I also worked in some top soil and organic compost from the treeline.I started most of my seeds too early,some didn't make it.What did make it I kept warm and watered until I could find a place in the yard. My sweet peas didn't do well,I will have to find a better spot them.The romas and luffas and peppers are doing great out in the sun.The soil was very loose and workable.The beefsteaks do very well along the deck and get plenty of sun plus the rain when it runs off the porch. My green beans didn't do well out in the yard so that will have to be grown again.I'm going to try the peas and beans later next month and see if the weather has something to do with it.Also I'm planting Basil and try my hand at that.




One thing I'm learning about loofas is you are going to have black ants on them,they don't seem to be harming the plant so I'm leaving them alone.
This Crown of Thorns is blooming so pretty.

The 4th here was alittle loud,the dog was jumpy but he survived.He actually did better than I expected. A few of the neighbors were setting off fireworks but we are so deep in the woods with all these tall trees we didn't see them but heard them.Got to go wash clothes and clean up the house. I'm still trying to find a spot to sit that's comfortable to do some beadwork.I need to get back into it.I still have a pine basket I want to make for a Christmas present for someone. I've been collecting more seeds for next years garden.A couple of catalogs came in but I'm on the lookout for pawpaw trees and aloe plants.

Ok here's the plan,I want this place full of plants but hubstead isn't too keen on that idea.I'd like to see the WHOLE backyard full with a garden and chickens and the deck and front porch with plants. Got plenty of ideas running around in my head,we'll see. This place would look so good covered in plants and natural wood.Hubstead said that we are just going to put a fence at the edge of the house and around back instead of trying to fence it all in.That would be ideal because we could keep Orion out back while we have company.Well we'll have time for all this including the remodeling.Later this month I may be offline for a couple of weeks til we get some stuff straightened out(just a reminder)nothing serious just one of those things.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3rd update on Plants

The Loofas are climbing!

Getting bigger
I put some grass clippings down and now they look better.

Bell and Jalapenos
The jalapenos are finally forming the bells still no doing good.
Romas are turning!
Fresh picked blackberries.

Have a Happy fourth of July!!!!!

Heavy Rain and a Cool Morning

Yesterday I kept watching the weather and after two days of really warm temps,it finally rained.It was heavy rain which the plants needed super bad.Now they will grow again like crazy.Every time it rains they sprout new growth and more vegetables.I have over three dozen Romas on the vine,not red yet but I'm going to have my hands full if this keeps up.Had to end up closing the windows in house  because it was raining so hard ,it started raining in. This morning it's nice and cool outside.The temperature is only going to be in the 80s today.

I don't know what this month will bring.I may be off line for around two weeks this month.Hubstead has a week off and he has been helping around here to get a few things done.

Tomorrow is the Fourth and everyone be safe and have a Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loofah Updates

Growing fast

The leaves are so big on these.

I'm hoping I done good on these.Since the 23rd of June these things have grown at least 2 feet.I may have to see if I can get some more lattice and trellis the vines in another direction.I don't think now that this lattice is going to hold.I didn't expect how fast this thing really is but....We'll see.I'm excited.This vine is over my head now and I have to look up and yeah I'm a shorty lol. Oh I wanted to mention too how big the leaves are.I dug a trench at the bottom and put a layer of organic compost from under the trees from the tree line and then top soil and then mulch and fertilized it with Miracle Gro(maybe twice) thats it.I water and it rains and they grow.

And that was the problem with my pepper plants.I put them out in the yard with the other plants and yep I got peppers finally growing.Right now I only have the Banana peppers but hopefully  the others will start coming in too.I love bees!