Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Loofah Updates

Growing fast

The leaves are so big on these.

I'm hoping I done good on these.Since the 23rd of June these things have grown at least 2 feet.I may have to see if I can get some more lattice and trellis the vines in another direction.I don't think now that this lattice is going to hold.I didn't expect how fast this thing really is but....We'll see.I'm excited.This vine is over my head now and I have to look up and yeah I'm a shorty lol. Oh I wanted to mention too how big the leaves are.I dug a trench at the bottom and put a layer of organic compost from under the trees from the tree line and then top soil and then mulch and fertilized it with Miracle Gro(maybe twice) thats it.I water and it rains and they grow.

And that was the problem with my pepper plants.I put them out in the yard with the other plants and yep I got peppers finally growing.Right now I only have the Banana peppers but hopefully  the others will start coming in too.I love bees!

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