Saturday, July 5, 2014

Growing the Garden

I keep a record of everything I did right and everything I did wrong. The soil here was very soft in some places and hard in others.I tried to pick out the best spots for stuff to grow.I also worked in some top soil and organic compost from the treeline.I started most of my seeds too early,some didn't make it.What did make it I kept warm and watered until I could find a place in the yard. My sweet peas didn't do well,I will have to find a better spot them.The romas and luffas and peppers are doing great out in the sun.The soil was very loose and workable.The beefsteaks do very well along the deck and get plenty of sun plus the rain when it runs off the porch. My green beans didn't do well out in the yard so that will have to be grown again.I'm going to try the peas and beans later next month and see if the weather has something to do with it.Also I'm planting Basil and try my hand at that.




One thing I'm learning about loofas is you are going to have black ants on them,they don't seem to be harming the plant so I'm leaving them alone.
This Crown of Thorns is blooming so pretty.

The 4th here was alittle loud,the dog was jumpy but he survived.He actually did better than I expected. A few of the neighbors were setting off fireworks but we are so deep in the woods with all these tall trees we didn't see them but heard them.Got to go wash clothes and clean up the house. I'm still trying to find a spot to sit that's comfortable to do some beadwork.I need to get back into it.I still have a pine basket I want to make for a Christmas present for someone. I've been collecting more seeds for next years garden.A couple of catalogs came in but I'm on the lookout for pawpaw trees and aloe plants.

Ok here's the plan,I want this place full of plants but hubstead isn't too keen on that idea.I'd like to see the WHOLE backyard full with a garden and chickens and the deck and front porch with plants. Got plenty of ideas running around in my head,we'll see. This place would look so good covered in plants and natural wood.Hubstead said that we are just going to put a fence at the edge of the house and around back instead of trying to fence it all in.That would be ideal because we could keep Orion out back while we have company.Well we'll have time for all this including the remodeling.Later this month I may be offline for a couple of weeks til we get some stuff straightened out(just a reminder)nothing serious just one of those things.

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