Monday, July 7, 2014

Just another Monday

Well this week went by fast.Hubstead goes back to work tomorrow. I didn't get a whole lot done with him home. So far I've had two Roma tomatoes rotted on the vine but I think I can help them along with some extra calcium. I gave Orion a bath yesterday,poor thing was scratching pretty bad.He always looks rough during the summer,he did in Texas. I'm still finding ticks crawling around and we try to be careful where we go in the yard. Today is wash day so later off to the laundry mat we go. Found out yesterday my real mothers ex husband passed away.I'm mentioning it because if I hadn't been adopted by my aunt and uncle he would of raised me.He did partly raise my brother so they are going to the funeral today.

It's been nice having hubstead home for the week.Got the grass cut and it rained the other day.He starting to look at the plants in the garden more closely and we have talked about what to do next year.He wants to put a few things up because I mentioned to him I wanted a bigger garden. My Sweet Banana Peppers are growing ,I'm thrilled about that.They are two inches long now and my jalapenos are putting out. The Bell peppers are just not working for me this year,they start to bloom then nothing. But now since I've put them in the yard they may do better,my other peppers did.

I've been reading on the net about the mosquito virus going around.I keep all the water dumped out and check to see how much water is around the plants.This of course helps but it doesn't help when you live next to someones pond.I think its gonna get rough around here with those things. Rolling with the flow here!

I made a roast yesterday but didn't have no carrots to put in just potatoes.It was really good.I saved some of the broth from the last roast and added to it.I don't throw nothing out if I think I can use it again.
The homestead,the shed isn't there anymore. Yep we live in a cubby hole there.And we have a hill beside us and one in back.Bad thing we get the rain water run off from both hills.On the right next to those trees is where the neighbors pond is.In the back we have a stream that runs directly into that pond.We've cleaned the yard up and have gotten the grass to grow better.The back doesn't really do the picture any good,this was taken off google earth.Right where the number is on that road was where that straight line wind or small tornado came through and tore up some trees up the hill.Yeah too close!!!

Well need to get up and start collecting the clothes to be washed. I'll write more later but I think it's gonna be a busy day today.Have a great Monday everyone!

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