Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Toothache and time out

It came on suddenly without warning.I've had a problem with my teeth for years to the point I really don't have many left,now it's the front tooth on the very top.I wonder how my smile is going to look now? Friday I have to get it pulled out,no questions. Unfortunately I don't have dental insurance and guess what?,I got to pay for this visit. I'm not looking forward to the needles at all. So I guess I'll take a small timeout this week and recoop from this. But after that I got soooooo much planting to do.Got the lawn mower running and time to get all the beds cleaned out. I hope I got some good pain meds to do all this with.Ha, yeah not likely. Hubstead is gonna help with the heavy all I got to do is plant. I slept all day today,woke up this morning to some swelling and put ice on it so it would go down.It worked.I looked like I had a botox injection.It feels fine right now and my lips are back to normal.Yeah it's that bad.I've had this crap going on since last saturday. I'm not one to get panicky and run to the doctor. I'd have to be in a alot of pain for that.I got my toothache stuff to keep all of it at bay til I can get to the dentist.I can drink but still can't eat alot.
Maybe one of these days I'll get my dentures!

My potted plants are growing pretty good now.We've had a few sunny days and some rain.I lost my aloe vera plant to too much water and will have to go buy another one. We're suppose to have sunshine all week this week,I hope so.We are still so wet here.My chocolate mint hasn't come up neither has my thyme. Those are the two I wanted to come up first but everything else has.My carrots are doing great in the 5 gallon buckets.I'm going to have alot of Basil and Sage.The marigolds I planted I only have three that has come up.I guess I'll have to plant more.This will be my first year trying out new stuff.I'll post some pictures later to show you how they are doing.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Now What?

Well,well,it's still raining.Now what?, I have so many plants to go in the ground and we are still getting rain.I'm getting kinda tired,hello,please turn it off now! I still haven't got the beds ready and the grass is going nuts.It's almost thigh high and god knows what kind of critters are running amok in them.Last time I found a turtle and returned it to the creek bed out back.We are going to need at least a week of full sun to dry out and right now that's not going to happen.On the bright side,just about everything I planted so far has come up.I have one corsican gourd that is screaming to plant it,it has leaves and wants to run.My carrots are doing great so far,I'm going to have alot of them.My herbs are coming up,the marigolds are trying to come up.I have to cover the pots up when we get the down pours of rain.They really need to dry out some.The tomatoe plants ,not really big enough but soon they will need to be planted.Don't ya just hate when the work piles up? Oh well I'll get there sooner or later.

I realized we haven't had any mice hanging around here lately and it's because we have been having stray cats roaming around.Good for us but bad for Orion. Yes he hates cats,he got his butt whipped by one when we lived in Texas and that didn't sit well with him.Ever since he is leary of them but will go after them if they provoke him.We are on with fighting the fleas again.I bought some stuff to spray him but I'd rather use a more natural  product.I got all sorts of recipes for flea control.Of course the grass being thick right now isn't helping things none.

The weather channel is showing all the rain in the southeast today,Most of it is in the south part right now.Doesn't look too promising.We're suppose to get more by this evening.We are back to parking in the upper part of the driveway still.Now the sun is poking through which means more humidity,BLAH! That's ok,I'll take any amount of sun right now.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Doing Good (Plants)

The first thing that has came up is the Corsican Gourd seeds.They came up sooner than what I thought they would. The tomatoe plants are growing slow but they have their first real leaves. I received some italian oregano in the mail and got those planted now.Those are going to be a nice addition to my herb garden this year. I separated the Cherimoya trees to see if they would do better in another container and it seems they will be fine. We had a strong thunderstorm come through last night and I covered the pots up to keep the dirt from spraying all over the place. I uncovered them this morning and we are suppose to get some sun for the next two days. I'm going to try to go fishing tomorrow and see what I can catch.I add the fish stuff to the soil for extra feed. I went with potting soil(mirclegro) this year instead of top soil.I wanted to see if there was going to be a difference in growing the plants and so far the plants I did in top soil are doing better than the potting soil mmm? But time will tell and I'll write it down in my journal.

I can't wait to see how this turns out this year,last year everything(most) of what I planted came up.I still have the beans and potatoes to plant this month and that should be enough for this year.I still need to put in some more beds but will have to do that over time.I'm very excited with this! I still will need more pots too,a lot of them.I'm doing more things in pots this year to see how certain plants will do.Another experiment on my part.This fall I'll do kale and okra in the yard and hopefully the tomatoes will still produce.AND I'll get to see how well the gourds will grow.

Now we have a bad collection of pollen. This mess is all over the place.The front porch is yellow from it.Of course when you're surrounded with trees it will happen.I've actually sat on the front porch and watched the pollen come off the trees like it was raining,just clouds of it,so I know it's been bad.Plus hubstead and I have had a lot of sinus aches.What a pain.but it's been all this pollen.And with all this rain the front yard is muddy again.Blah!

My family has be blessed to be able to grow our own food and I'm so proud to work towards a goal to better our health.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Planting has Begun!

Yeah I couldn't wait any longer,this morning I planted(in Pots)all these goodies.Chocolate mint,basil,thyme,marjoram,sage,parsley,rosemary and some coleus and dwarf marigolds.I put the carrots in 5 gallon buckets because we got rabbits now.Where they come from all of a sudden I don't know.
I had to,I couldn't wait any longer!

My tomatoe seedlings are looking weak I may have to redo these but I now have some corsican gourds coming up.Next month I'm planting beans next to the deck and potatoes(they are going in either 55 or 50 gallon trash cans).And that's about what all I'm going to do this year.I may slide some other stuff in but right now this is it.I wanted to try growing in pots this year to see how well some stuff is going to do.It's not I don't have the yard space I do but I don't have a tiller yet. I will have to buy more pots because I got a feeling I planted a little too much for some of these pots to hold .

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Cool Down

We had rain yesterday evening and last night and with it came some cool air in.Tonight is suppose to be cool too.I am waiting til Monday to start the potting but we did go and get some two very large bags of potting soil.I hope it's enough.And we got the fittings for the water heater.So hot water sooner(keeping fingers crossed).

I'm gonna go on a ramble here about why products you buy just don't work or are package bad.Is it me or what?Hubstead was talking about certain microwaves that was bought and even brand new they work a few times and then something goes out on them(like the clock)and I noticed the toaster oven we bought stays on high when it cooks and you can't regulate the temperature.This is the second one  that has done that.Burns everything on the bottom.I can't cook cakes or biscuits or cookies in it. No I don't have a stove yet ,still looking for one.It just seems everything you buy doesn't last as long anymore.Consumerism is so bad I know.Makes me skiddish on getting a stove.But I'm gonna get one sooner or later. It's just a hassle to have to take something back to the store.I'm about ready to install a wood burning stove and say to hell with it.At least if I burn something I know it's my fault.Got a floor fan and it did the same thing,lasted a summer then went out,see? Annoying!

Orion is loving this great weather.He wants to stay out in the yard more.We're putting up a privacy fence next summer so he can have room to run in the back yard.He'll love it!

Well I just wanted to jot down some thoughts and Easter is upon us.Did you notice all the Easter stuff in the store? I don't want to even start on that rant,it's like Thanksgiving and Christmas to me.An off beat path for something else.All about money.Thank goodness birthdays are celebrated in a traditional way.Anyway.HAPPY EASTER! Jesus died for our sins and rose from the grave! That's what we should celebrate.Enough said.