Sunday, April 19, 2015

Now What?

Well,well,it's still raining.Now what?, I have so many plants to go in the ground and we are still getting rain.I'm getting kinda tired,hello,please turn it off now! I still haven't got the beds ready and the grass is going nuts.It's almost thigh high and god knows what kind of critters are running amok in them.Last time I found a turtle and returned it to the creek bed out back.We are going to need at least a week of full sun to dry out and right now that's not going to happen.On the bright side,just about everything I planted so far has come up.I have one corsican gourd that is screaming to plant it,it has leaves and wants to run.My carrots are doing great so far,I'm going to have alot of them.My herbs are coming up,the marigolds are trying to come up.I have to cover the pots up when we get the down pours of rain.They really need to dry out some.The tomatoe plants ,not really big enough but soon they will need to be planted.Don't ya just hate when the work piles up? Oh well I'll get there sooner or later.

I realized we haven't had any mice hanging around here lately and it's because we have been having stray cats roaming around.Good for us but bad for Orion. Yes he hates cats,he got his butt whipped by one when we lived in Texas and that didn't sit well with him.Ever since he is leary of them but will go after them if they provoke him.We are on with fighting the fleas again.I bought some stuff to spray him but I'd rather use a more natural  product.I got all sorts of recipes for flea control.Of course the grass being thick right now isn't helping things none.

The weather channel is showing all the rain in the southeast today,Most of it is in the south part right now.Doesn't look too promising.We're suppose to get more by this evening.We are back to parking in the upper part of the driveway still.Now the sun is poking through which means more humidity,BLAH! That's ok,I'll take any amount of sun right now.

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