Friday, April 10, 2015

Doing Good (Plants)

The first thing that has came up is the Corsican Gourd seeds.They came up sooner than what I thought they would. The tomatoe plants are growing slow but they have their first real leaves. I received some italian oregano in the mail and got those planted now.Those are going to be a nice addition to my herb garden this year. I separated the Cherimoya trees to see if they would do better in another container and it seems they will be fine. We had a strong thunderstorm come through last night and I covered the pots up to keep the dirt from spraying all over the place. I uncovered them this morning and we are suppose to get some sun for the next two days. I'm going to try to go fishing tomorrow and see what I can catch.I add the fish stuff to the soil for extra feed. I went with potting soil(mirclegro) this year instead of top soil.I wanted to see if there was going to be a difference in growing the plants and so far the plants I did in top soil are doing better than the potting soil mmm? But time will tell and I'll write it down in my journal.

I can't wait to see how this turns out this year,last year everything(most) of what I planted came up.I still have the beans and potatoes to plant this month and that should be enough for this year.I still need to put in some more beds but will have to do that over time.I'm very excited with this! I still will need more pots too,a lot of them.I'm doing more things in pots this year to see how certain plants will do.Another experiment on my part.This fall I'll do kale and okra in the yard and hopefully the tomatoes will still produce.AND I'll get to see how well the gourds will grow.

Now we have a bad collection of pollen. This mess is all over the place.The front porch is yellow from it.Of course when you're surrounded with trees it will happen.I've actually sat on the front porch and watched the pollen come off the trees like it was raining,just clouds of it,so I know it's been bad.Plus hubstead and I have had a lot of sinus aches.What a pain.but it's been all this pollen.And with all this rain the front yard is muddy again.Blah!

My family has be blessed to be able to grow our own food and I'm so proud to work towards a goal to better our health.

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