Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Toothache and time out

It came on suddenly without warning.I've had a problem with my teeth for years to the point I really don't have many left,now it's the front tooth on the very top.I wonder how my smile is going to look now? Friday I have to get it pulled out,no questions. Unfortunately I don't have dental insurance and guess what?,I got to pay for this visit. I'm not looking forward to the needles at all. So I guess I'll take a small timeout this week and recoop from this. But after that I got soooooo much planting to do.Got the lawn mower running and time to get all the beds cleaned out. I hope I got some good pain meds to do all this with.Ha, yeah not likely. Hubstead is gonna help with the heavy all I got to do is plant. I slept all day today,woke up this morning to some swelling and put ice on it so it would go down.It worked.I looked like I had a botox injection.It feels fine right now and my lips are back to normal.Yeah it's that bad.I've had this crap going on since last saturday. I'm not one to get panicky and run to the doctor. I'd have to be in a alot of pain for that.I got my toothache stuff to keep all of it at bay til I can get to the dentist.I can drink but still can't eat alot.
Maybe one of these days I'll get my dentures!

My potted plants are growing pretty good now.We've had a few sunny days and some rain.I lost my aloe vera plant to too much water and will have to go buy another one. We're suppose to have sunshine all week this week,I hope so.We are still so wet here.My chocolate mint hasn't come up neither has my thyme. Those are the two I wanted to come up first but everything else has.My carrots are doing great in the 5 gallon buckets.I'm going to have alot of Basil and Sage.The marigolds I planted I only have three that has come up.I guess I'll have to plant more.This will be my first year trying out new stuff.I'll post some pictures later to show you how they are doing.
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