Friday, July 7, 2017

So Much Rain


We have had storms rolling thru because of the tropical storm.I can't begin to tell you how bleak its been.It's been muggy and hot and wet.You can feel the moisture creeping around in the house.

I added cow manure to the plants and earlier went out(between rain storms) and checked up on all of them.All are doing extremely well and now there are five luffahs coming in and three of them are going to be huge!I was hoping the seeds were good but they are only three years old.They are from the very first time I planted them.I have been so happy because this has been a good year for me with the garden.

I have hubstead interested now!!He's going to be the watermelon and cantaloupe man.The biggest thing is getting a shed in here to put everything in.Kind of got the porches piled up right now.He also has been looking at grape vines and berry bushes.


Had sunshine for a couple days and its been great for the plants.The cow manure has caused the plants to really take off!  We got some rain coming Friday so I'm gonna water until then.
The fleas are still really bad.Orion has a lot on him to the point of giving him a bath every week.He likes it but I'm afraid it will dry his skin out too much.

I finally cleaned up my dining room.It's amazing how cluttered up things get.Since I quit smoking,I think I might be becoming OCD. Now everything HAS to be clean! I have been going at it full force.
Come this Saturday I will be going also full force on trying to lose weight.I have my basic outline of foods to eat and what not to eat.I think I may have a thyroid issue and next time I see my doctor I'm gonna get that checked.In the meantime I'm eating a some paleo foods to see if it helps.We will see.No I'm not gonna put a picture of myself on here.Just think I need to lose at least 70 pounds or more and leave it at that! yes I'm a big woman.


So much rain.Even though the plants are soaking it up,it's just has been too much.Then it gets so muggy here.Don't know what's worse too much rain or out west ,too much heat.Both are extreme. And finally got my furbaby some flea help.Yesterday went down and got him a chewable tablet for his fleas.Today he is sleeping good and has a great attitude.The fleas have been so bad this year because we didn't have a cold winter.I didn't read the side affects for this stuff until after I gave it to him.I had to monitor him for awhile to make sure he didn't get sick.But so far so good and his flea buddies are gone.And I really didn't know what the vet was going to give him till we got there.

Got my first red tomatoe off the vine yesterday and harvested a few yard long beans and I have to say they taste a little lemony.To me anyways.I put them in a pan with olive oil or grapeseed oil and a little butter and garlic.They are so good .I was surprised and I had read to pull them at 12 to 18 inches long.