Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Enough with the Rain Already!

Oh my,my pond is back in the front yard again. At least there won't be any frogs croaking.My peas and kale are soaked in the totes and I can't get my deer hide to dry out yet.  Hubstead nailed a deer and we processed it ourselves. There was alot of meat on the doe and we sure could use it.Times are a little thin around here lately. I'm so happy we invested in the new roof. All this rain we have been having would of caused us to have to move. The pond next door was down by a good 10 to 1 feet.looks kinda full now. We have had the fire ban lifted finally. Cold weather will come this Thursday into Friday.

Remember when I talked about the road out front? Well I have been talking to the Mayor of this town and she was suppose to had talked to the county about getting the road out front fixed.We can not and will not be able to get out this winter if she doesn't do something. Nor for the fact if I have to call an ambulance it won't be able to make it down here. She has said she is going to get it fixed as soon as it rained.It's still raining,we got a possibility of ice coming in with a little snow mixed this Thursday and Friday. Guess what?,my truck is not moving. So we are still stuck for those two days.

I just finished my 5th month of not smoking. Never thought I would get this far but staying away from people in general has helped. I feel like I got my mind back instead of walking around in a fog. Yes I went totally cold turkey. It's been hard and I wouldn't of done it without some help from my bipolar meds. They helped a whole bunch keeping me level. I joined a stop smoking group on facebook and we have alot of fun. If you want to stop come on over and we give lots of support.

I don't know why I haven't done this before but I am hooked now. I do not throw my potatoe peelings out anymore. I fry them and I love it. I'm eating some right now. Instead of buying these or potatoe chips,I keep my peelings from the night before and fix them with my lunch. I have a thing that a sandwich doesn't taste right without the chips. I have put on about 6 to 7 pounds since I don't smoke now but my doctor told me that was usual so I'm ok with that.I can sure taste food now.

I'm working on some pine straw baskets. I did some last year,you can find the posts I think around October or November of last year. I'm trying some new designs and see if I can do them.Here a picture of a couple of them.

I had fun making these. I can't take a picture of the one I just finished but will try when I get some batteries for my camera. I try to make something every year for people for Christmas. I didn't get my luffas in this year,but it makes a nice gift basket if everything is made by hand.

Well that's what's been going on around here. Just trying to keep my mind right and thinking lots about the people up in Gatlinburg and hoping they can have peace of mind for the holidays.I know some lost family members and that is so stressful this close to Christmas but  prayers for everyone.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Homeowner Blues

Yep it's that time of the year.Fall is upon us.I felt so stupid earlier this year,I did find out that my back bedroom window did have another windowpane with it,we have storm windows and I thought one was busted. Oh well lol. Now I got a sewer pipe that has to be fixed.I wondered where the smell was coming from. Fortunately it isn't that far under the house. The new roof is holding up great! We have had NO rain here,except a tiny,tiny shower last night and I didn't even know it.Didn't do much good though. The weather people said we were going to have a dry fall and I have been having to water my container garden with tap water. Earlier in September I had a run in with some mice.I got that under control for right now.Keeping my fingers cross.

We are smoking a turkey this weekend.Hey Turkey is always good any time. We got a 23 pound one for 18.00 not bad I didn't think. Hubstead still wants to build a smokehouse.I told him he could make a little change smoking stuff for people.

We had the talk about becoming self-sufficient and him quiting his job but until we can figure out how to make some money to pay the utilities and taxes he'll have to work a little while longer.I believe we can do it. Of course he would have to do some hunting and during the summer some fishing. We still have the does in the backyard,might be food soon.It's a plan in the works. He wants to also see who gets to be president too.

Oh I can't wait til spring and winter hasn't even hit yet.I'm going to try some winter gardening too.

YES! I have made it to 4 months not smoking,pretty proud of myself so far. I can get around someone who is smoking and I get so sick. I break out in a sweat and get a headache.Well that's about what's been going on.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The new Roof

The guys were just finishing up. Still have alot more work to do on this place,but,couldn't do it because the roof was leaking. Now next is the siding and skirting and the eaves.We also have gotten the grass to grow in too.Before it was nothing but weeds and dirt.

This is the before picture

It has been a rough road to get this place cleaned up and I really think it will take longer too.We are going to lay down flooring and panel the walls.Redo the kitchen totally.The plumbing and electric needs upgrading bad.But I know it will take time.The back decking is going to have to be redone.We want to put a bigger deck out back.

Misty Pines is again living up to its' name this morning.
They have a fog advisory til 9:00 a.m. this morning.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Finally getting a roof

Yep we are finally getting a metal roof on the house.I am so excited.We have been here for three years and have not been able to do a lot to the house.It comes at a really good time even though I would of prefered it being done this summer.But instead it's going to be done in time for winter coming.
I kind of think now I bit off more than I can chew on this place.I guess it's because I want to do so many things and progress is going too slow for my taste. My back is giving out too much and I keep kissing the ground with my butt. I went last week to the doctor and without an MRI they can't fully tell me what's wrong.I won't go into one again,the last time I felt like I was stuck.My back hurt so bad and I cried the whole time,so NO.

On another note,after 42 years of smoking,I gave it up.I'm going into my three months now. It's been fairly easy this time because I'm taking meds from the shrink.(some of you know I'm bipolar) But it has it's ups and downs. On the up side,I am saving money and I finally am able to buy me a few clothes!

I did get the Kale in for the fall and some peas. Don't really know how the peas are going to do. I scrounged up two good size garbage cans for the potatoes next year.Going to give a hand at that. Now if I can only get the carrot growing down. I can not believe the amount of mice I am catching.I got some sticky traps and put them in different places.I wonder if this is the sign of a rough winter coming? And since we have been here,I haven't seen any snakes whatsoever. We fed the does over the summer and the girls are doing great. There are two bucks with them,Kind of little. They are still dropping by at night and eating.

Hubstead got him a crossbow for his birthday.He's a happy camper now. He also stop smoking so he said that's his reward for not doing it.I agree and I think as long as he stays quit so can I. Well summer was just summer around here. To me it was a little too warm for me.Cooler weather is suppose to be coming soon and I can't wait for it to get here!

I just wanted to throw a few things out there and I haven't forgotten to write. Life has been fickled a little for now but hopefully it will get a whole lot better.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gardening Fun

Well the garden did fairly well,I learned about container gardening and what will and will not grow in them.My carrots didn't do as good as they should have but I think I planted too many in one pot.My bell peppers are still putting out and my cherry tomatoes done great.The regular ones didn't do well and the hornworms got some of them.The chocolate mint done really well and it smells so good.I ate on my lettuce for the longest. The broccoli got ate up,the worms turned them into swiss cheese.This was first year with broccoli though so I'm still learning about that.And finally I got a handful of green beans.I talked to few folks and they said that alot of plants didn't do well until late this year.Mine did the same.

Ok enough of the garden stuff.I quit smoking for good and it has been a roller coaster ride but now I feel pretty damn good.I'm ok as long as I don't get stressed out. I got tested yesterday  about stress. You know how the doctors are saying you got to get up and move and you need to lose weight?Ok I was trying to do some walking and we have this small hill that you have to go up to get out.The road belongs to the city here and I have griped about them getting it fixed,well,they threw some small gravel down and my ass found it.I got road rash on my leg where I slipped on that gravel.
  • Yep and now this morning I am soooo sore and can barely walk.My leg went up under me and that's all she wrote! I didn't have to go to the doctors but that's still up for debate.I have to watch out for infection now.Right after I did it I called the city and told them about it and they sent someone out to look at it.They said it looks like road rash,well,DUH!!! Some people just piss me off.

Really that's all that's been going on and all I need to blog about for now.Sorry I haven't been blogging too much.This summer has been a monster!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Well I got my container garden started.I ended up with carrots,bell pepper,cherry tomatoes,regular tomatoes,broccoli,leaf lettuce(blue buckets),chocolate mint,rosemary,thyme,green beans(not shown)and chives. It was alot of work and alot of potting soil. I already have harvested the leaf lettuce five times.The cherry tomatoes are coming in pretty good too.I go out every morning and say good morning to them and just talk to them for a little bit lol. The herbs are growing quite slowly but we have had a lot of rain. The only thing I didn't get in was the corn.It's probably a good thing I don't plant in the yard,we have had  a bunch of deer coming in and eating the grass.Hubstead has been setting out field corn for them. We got two does,two that looks like they are a year old(probably from last year) and a smaller doe. It's nice to see they haven't been shot.Still haven't seen a buck yet.

I did make some chocolate mint tea the other night and it was pretty good.I think it's more minty than the chocolate but it also depends on how strong you make it. Mine was a little weaker than I wanted but towards the bottom of the cup,it got stronger.I have some leaves in the refrigerator  and I'm going to make some more today. We are having a cold front move in for the next few days and I hope it doesn't bother my plants. I just planted my green beans yesterday.

Here is some more pictures.

Leaf Lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Chocolate Mint

The mint has doubled in size so I got to watch it.

Well that's about it,this is all I've been doing for the last month or so.Just trying to stay busy. As these grow I'll post more pictures of their progress.Have a great Tuesday!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I Got Started

Spring did come early. It was a good thing I got alot of the seedlings started. I managed to get a couple of cherry tomatoe plants from the local store and I got them going.I ended up with four totes,one tote has the cherry tomatoes  and the other three I'm planting regular tomatoes and bell peppers.I have my herbs in pots and I planted thyme and rosemary which are coming up.The carrots are doing well and so is my salad leaf lettuce.I planted those in the buckets.The kale isn't doing too hot but may try planting those again in the fall.I got lucky and found someone who had chocolate mint and he sent me some roots to get me started.I can't wait for those to grow!!I planted those in a big pot so I hope they do good.

It's pouring down rain here this morning.It's suppose to rain all day which will give the plants a good soaking. Give us a good soaking too! There are flash flood warnings out for today. The grass will definitely need to get cut now it's growing like crazy. So I guess I'll be inside today doing some cleaning. I want to work on the front yard and see if I can get some Coleus started somewhere and set out those Cannas too.They are yellow ones and they are so pretty and I know they spread so I'll have to pick a spot for them to do that. It still gets cool around 39 degrees sometimes but times it's around 40 degrees and up.The daytime has been around 60 and 70 degrees.So I don't worry too much about the plants,I have them on the back deck.

So there you have it not much else is going on.Started the year off alittle rough but it seems to be smoothing out. My doctor changed my medicine(for those of you who know I'm Bipolar)it seems to be doing me some good right now. It has a kick to it and makes me feel like getting up and doing things.But my back always tells me when I've had enough.Well going to go and everyone have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Planting Time

Yeah I probably jumped the gun on this one BUT I was so excited to get started! I went and got two cherry tomatoe plants and going to try to get them going this weekend.But it seems we are going to get a cold front in this weekend I may have to do them inside.The lettuce I planted in the blue buckets have come up and doing fine.I can bring them in if it gets too cold and I planted carrots in a container that can be brought in too.We are suppose to have two nights of cold(36 and 37). Then it's going to warm up and stay that way for awhile you never know what this crazy weather is going to do.My Kale is coming up but I can't bring those in they're in the small drawers I used last year for the peas.I'll just cover them in plastic and hope they will be alright. I bought 4 totes for the tomatoes and peppers(the peppers  haven't come up yet).I'm going this weekend and getting potting soil for them and I bet I will have to have alot.The totes are small but deep.Now my back deck will be full of plants this year.I'm planting corn in the yard somewheres and the luffas too.Still have to get the grape vines and the blueberry bushes.

Got a new charcoal grill with cast iron grates.Sure saves kitchen time I tell ya!Been trying to stock the pantry a little more,looks better.Next month things are going in full swing around here.I'm hoping April will even out and not have anymore cold fronts come in.Well baby steps for now.My rain barrels are full and they should be,we got a big storm come through.Now I don't have to worry about rain water for awhile.Well that's about it,that's what's been going on around here.Have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Seed Buying

Yep it's that time for me to start buying seeds from the store and the catalogs.Tonight I picked up some Thyme because last year I couldn't get the Thyme I planted to grow,so this year I'm doubling up on it to get the best results.I don't have to plant any Sage or Basil because I grew too much of it last year.I'm going to try my hand at growing Lavender this year just to see if it will do good here.I heard it's a pretty plant and you can grow it in pots.My Parsley is holding out really great.I still have a pot of it from last year and the bugger keeps on producing.I have it in my kitchen window where it gets full sun.So now since I know I can grow herbs,I'll try different ones this year.Maybe some Oregano and some more Rosemary.My Rosemary didn't do well but I'll try again on it.For my container garden I got to get at least 6 totes to start with.Maybe some buckets too.I maybe planting the Cherimoya tree in the yard this year.It's at least two feet tall now.This winter hasn't been too rough on the indoor plants.Needless to say we haven't had too much sun but enough to help a little.Looking through my catalogs found some blueberry bushes that look good and some grape vines. Hubstead wants to plant the grape vines out in the yard.I was hoping the blackberry bushes would of put out last year but they were very thin.I don't know if it was because we had that bad winter and it killed most of them or it was all the rain last year.

I turned into a plumber this week.I accindently knocked a bowl of grease down the sink and and yep it stopped up.So for three days I fussed with getting it unstopped. I took the pipe out and poured Dawn dish detergent in it and poured hot water down the drain.After three days it finally cut loose.
I was sort of proud that I handled it on my own after all it was my fault.My dad worked for the local water works and he use to take me out on weekend jobs  and I learned a few things about plumbing.I can't run pipe through a house but I can fix pipes already there.My bathroom is next this year.

It has been a mild winter here in the south.We had snow flurries the other day but have not seen a heavy snow.We had a storm come through that had a lot of heavy rain and we still have a puddle out in the yard.Oh and them damn frogs came back.Every frigging year we have these frogs that make a racket out there where the water ponds in the yard.We had a couple of days that was warm and I wanted to open the front door but couldn't because of the noise! My neighbor across the street caught a raccoon in a trap and that was the first one I've seen around here.Good she did,now that's something to look for when I get my chickens.I know I've been saying I'm getting chickens since we've been here but hubstead has been looking at coops to build.I want the coop built first.Finally got the backyard straightened out and it looks alot better.Hubstead wants to put in a pool which would be nice if we have a hot summer but by the time I get the chicken coop up I wonder if it would be feesable to put up a pool.You know chickens smell.I don't want a big coop but I want a nice size one.

Well that's what's been happening around here.I've just been staying around the house getting things ready for Spring which I can't wait for it to get here! I got to get all my pots cleaned out and fresh soil for them.This year the front is going to get some plants put in to make it look nice.We are getting some dwarf fruit trees too.Where they are going I have no idea.This weekend we got to burn some old boxes and do some house cleaning.I appreciate all of you who read my blog! When I get a chance to take some pictures I'll post them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Are We Going to Have a Rainy Spring?

So the groundhog said we are going to have an early Spring. So far it looks like rain. It rained here last night really hard and now we have flash flood alerts.The creeks here get really swollen and the roads flood over too.I am hoping not,won't be good for getting the garden started.I have noticed that the daffodils are blooming around here.I called my sister-in-law to see if hers were blooming and she said she didn't know since they got their yard straightened out.She figured the backhoe pushed alot of the bulbs out.Too bad too she had some really pretty ones.Dang thought I had a picture of them.Any who I told her I was thinking of planting some but I really would like the ones she had.This morning the rain has cleared out and left a sloppy mess in the driveway.We sit on top of clay and it's nasty.

Hubstead has been looking for chicken coop plans,does it mean I may get my chickens this year? I sure hope so.That's all I want for this year is my chickens.It drives me nuts when I don't have eggs!
We have been buying from a local guy who has them but I want my own.Really good eggs though.This will be my fist experience with chickens but I guess I'll learn as I go along.There are many help sites on the internet and I got the chicken book to help me.I bought it and they say it's the best one to get.So we'll see.I am excited.

For my birthday(which is Friday)I'm getting a yoga mat and DVD.I used to do yoga and loved it.I'm totally out of balance and whack! I can't do the regular exercising so this is a milder form I think.I really know it will help my back which hurts alot.

YEA I got two tires for the truck!It rides a whole lot better.Now to start working on two tires for the front but the ones on it now will last till then.So this year has started a little rough but is smoothing out nicely.Got plans for the year and trying to keep up with all of it has been fun so far.I have my planting guide for what plants to get started in what month and I got to go next month and get the timber for the trellis out back.I'm doing luffas again this year,I've ran out.Always something to do around a homestead!! Oh and...... I got to buy my totes for planting.Another thing to do.I know one thing it better not snow when I get all this going! Talking about getting annoyed.

I feel for all the people up north that is getting a lot of snow.I hope our early Spring comes without a bunch of rain for you guys.We all need a good season to grow stuff this year.I think last year was just so messed up for people.A lot of gardens here didn't do well and neither did mine.I got 9 tomatoes off my bushes before those hornworms torn into them.The first year we were here,I grew some great tomatoes and other plants but now I know when those hornworms show up.I want to do a natural insecticide but some how it don't faze them.I really don't want to use a harsh bug killer but I may have to,along with the japanese beetles too.If you have an ideas please post it.I have use natural bug repelent like cayenne pepper and some stuff I bought at Lowes.

Now hunting season is over with here,I seen two deer out in the backyard.Both were does and pretty good size.I have a opposum that has took up resident under the house and a big one too.The frogs are back.They were really loud last night.Another sign of Spring I think.The hawks have been hanging out in the trees,they are nice size and the rabbits are back too.Another reason for the totes,they ate my green beans last year.So we are full of animals around here.Heard coyotes pretty close by too the other night.Not a good combo with chickens.Oh the hazards of living in the country!

Well that's been my weeks.Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and stay warm!

Monday, January 25, 2016

In the Process always Helps

Well another cold and wet winter has set in but the temperature isn't that bad today.We had some dusting of snow then rain.What the next coming weeks hold who knows.We are suppose to have snow come in on the 11th and 14th of February.The house so far has stayed warm with the electric heaters we bought and we stay mostly in the livingroom bundled up.I  have come down with a head cold because last friday I was out and ended up with a flat tire on my truck and it was raining and cold.Had to get a tow back home .So far we are getting a tire this week for the truck.So funny how things happen when you don't need them to happen.But I have a tendency to roll with the punches life gives me what else can you do? Tonight is relaxing night from the weekend and we're going to have some steaks and potatoes.Sounds good uh?

Deer season is almost over with and hubstead is going hunting this weekend.I hope he can get a deer we sure need the meat.I am looking forward to it myself.I don't hunt but he does.

Come Spring there will much to do around here.The lights in the diningroom and one of the bathrooms decided they don't want to work anymore.So we got to start checking the electric wiring nd find out why.The lights and outlets in our bedroom don't work either but we think it's the switch on the wall.So more cosmetic work to do before summer.This includes doing the floors too.We have picked out the color and the slats of wood we want to put down.Hardwood floors.I can't wait till we get the kitchen done.I hate this kitchen,all the cabinets are going to have to be replaced.And the flooring put down.I'm going with a rock looking flooring for this.

Well just an update for you all.Got to get over this cold.Have a great day!

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year New Me?

I am so glad December is over with.What a month.If things could go wrong ,they did. Now with the new year here things are looking up.We are getting cool weather here and there but no snow thank goodness! I can not wait for Spring to get here and get my hands dirty again! My parsley has held up great.I got the pot sitting in the kitchen window and it's growing like crazy.I have new little leaves on the Christmas Cactus.The Cherimoyas are frail looking but surviving.I guess I'll plant the biggest one somewhere out in the yard and hope it grows. Hubsteads computer took a dive and is no longer running. We'll have to go have it fixed.We think it may be the fan in the back but it just won't run at all.All we have now is the laptop to work on.My sister-in-law gave me nail polish for Christmas,gold and silver and I love it! Never had polish like this before.Makes my nails look so shiny lol.And she gave me a great smelling candle too.

I'm still gaining weight so this year I have to go back to the doctor to find out why.I watch what I eat and have cut so much out of my diet.I cut back on sugar and red meat,flour and such.I don't know unless its' my medicine doing it.I think my thyroid is out of whack.But everything else is doing good,so I got my health! I wanted to go all vegetarian this year,so that's one thing I'm working on.If any of you have any vegetarian recipes please feel free to post them.I'll give them a try. I have one small vegetarian cook book and I've tried so great stuff from it but am looking for more.

One thing I want to do is to stay off the internet more,yeah I don't know.It seems so many of us are addicted to this.I know some of my reading gets depressing and I'm so sick of hearing about the President and all the crap going on.People have lives to lead and it seems he wants to go change that.My opinion only.

Spring cleaning can't get here soon enough.I'm setting up my beading table in the livingroom and getting rid of my loveseat.Orion will just have to deal with it. I got so much that needs to be done and so much stuff needs to be hauled off.I still have empty packing boxes that needs to be put in the trash or burnt.Yeah we have a burn barrel.Common in the south here.The office still needs to be set up better.I like to be organized and neat.I did however got the pantry started I ordered two units of shelves and got them partially stocked up.The pantry is shaping up nicely.Hubstead now understands why I wanted a pantry and he's trying to help alot more with it.

Been getting in my seed catalogs and have been excited about that.I ordered more to see what all I can change this year.I said I wanted to go with containers this year and I still do but I think there may have to be some stuff planted out in the yard again.I have a few beans that are called yard long green beans and I don't think a container will hold them.I have a space in the front next to the porch I want to plant some flowers and coleus.I think they will come up year after year which would be nice.It's time to start at least landscaping the front and making it look like I want it.I have a ton of seeds to plant too.That also goes for the luffas.Hubstead is going to build my trellis this year YEA!!!He got interested in them the first time I grew them.I don't know about growing anymore gourds will have to wait on that.

Well that's what's been going on around here.Now just have to wait till the weather gets better and warms up.Hopefully we'll only have a couple more months and then it will be warm enough to get the plants started and be able to open the front door again.I hope your New Year will bring you what you want and things get better.