Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gardening Fun

Well the garden did fairly well,I learned about container gardening and what will and will not grow in them.My carrots didn't do as good as they should have but I think I planted too many in one pot.My bell peppers are still putting out and my cherry tomatoes done great.The regular ones didn't do well and the hornworms got some of them.The chocolate mint done really well and it smells so good.I ate on my lettuce for the longest. The broccoli got ate up,the worms turned them into swiss cheese.This was first year with broccoli though so I'm still learning about that.And finally I got a handful of green beans.I talked to few folks and they said that alot of plants didn't do well until late this year.Mine did the same.

Ok enough of the garden stuff.I quit smoking for good and it has been a roller coaster ride but now I feel pretty damn good.I'm ok as long as I don't get stressed out. I got tested yesterday  about stress. You know how the doctors are saying you got to get up and move and you need to lose weight?Ok I was trying to do some walking and we have this small hill that you have to go up to get out.The road belongs to the city here and I have griped about them getting it fixed,well,they threw some small gravel down and my ass found it.I got road rash on my leg where I slipped on that gravel.
  • Yep and now this morning I am soooo sore and can barely walk.My leg went up under me and that's all she wrote! I didn't have to go to the doctors but that's still up for debate.I have to watch out for infection now.Right after I did it I called the city and told them about it and they sent someone out to look at it.They said it looks like road rash,well,DUH!!! Some people just piss me off.

Really that's all that's been going on and all I need to blog about for now.Sorry I haven't been blogging too much.This summer has been a monster!

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