Thursday, September 8, 2016

Finally getting a roof

Yep we are finally getting a metal roof on the house.I am so excited.We have been here for three years and have not been able to do a lot to the house.It comes at a really good time even though I would of prefered it being done this summer.But instead it's going to be done in time for winter coming.
I kind of think now I bit off more than I can chew on this place.I guess it's because I want to do so many things and progress is going too slow for my taste. My back is giving out too much and I keep kissing the ground with my butt. I went last week to the doctor and without an MRI they can't fully tell me what's wrong.I won't go into one again,the last time I felt like I was stuck.My back hurt so bad and I cried the whole time,so NO.

On another note,after 42 years of smoking,I gave it up.I'm going into my three months now. It's been fairly easy this time because I'm taking meds from the shrink.(some of you know I'm bipolar) But it has it's ups and downs. On the up side,I am saving money and I finally am able to buy me a few clothes!

I did get the Kale in for the fall and some peas. Don't really know how the peas are going to do. I scrounged up two good size garbage cans for the potatoes next year.Going to give a hand at that. Now if I can only get the carrot growing down. I can not believe the amount of mice I am catching.I got some sticky traps and put them in different places.I wonder if this is the sign of a rough winter coming? And since we have been here,I haven't seen any snakes whatsoever. We fed the does over the summer and the girls are doing great. There are two bucks with them,Kind of little. They are still dropping by at night and eating.

Hubstead got him a crossbow for his birthday.He's a happy camper now. He also stop smoking so he said that's his reward for not doing it.I agree and I think as long as he stays quit so can I. Well summer was just summer around here. To me it was a little too warm for me.Cooler weather is suppose to be coming soon and I can't wait for it to get here!

I just wanted to throw a few things out there and I haven't forgotten to write. Life has been fickled a little for now but hopefully it will get a whole lot better.
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