Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not Giving Up

I got my butt handed to me this year on the garden but I'm not giving up or in yet.I am still looking forward to planting the kale and okra for fall. Around here I always have something to plant.I didn't pull all my tomatoe plants up.I still have two in a pot I cut back and they are coming back out.I hope I can still get tomatoes off of them. Something got into the pot where I had two Cherimoya trees planted and torn them up I suspect a squirrel did it.I caught it,it's squirrel stew for him.I have one that hangs around here alot and he's big! I check my plants every day now.

This morning I have to harvest some basil and more sage. It's been so hot here that my basil is wanting to bolt and my coleus have already bolted.I just pinch the tops off and keep them going.My rosemary is now growing very well.We had some rain and I also water them with the rain water from the barrels.All the plants I have left are doing better.Next month and into September I get to plant more Yah! I hope the weather with cooperate.

I've had trouble sleeping and yesterday I went to go see my doctor.For all who have read my blogs know that I am Bipolar and have to have medication for it.He prescribed some pills to help me get regulated on my sleep.I know I have to be careful about it.But last night I slept very well and was alittle groggy this morning.I'm feel better with more sleep.I was just cat napping for a few hours here and there.Not good.So for a month he wants me to try these out and see if it helps.

Well everyone have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flower and Gourds

Yellow Cannas

The gourds are growing good

Well the vines are growing very long and I am getting gourds.I have three so far.These are Cosican gourds and I'm gonna be selling these after they are ready.We're suppose to get some rain today and thru this week,fingers crossed!I am not happy about the tomatoes or green beans and carrots but I'll try again next year.I think next year I'll do some container gardening to see how that works out,besides hubstead wants to put in a pool out back.The gourd type plants I noticed,takes alot of water.I didn't get my loofas out this year because my trellis got blown over by some heavy wind.Now I'll have to make another.I got thru my first two years of gardening and experimenting and kept records of all this so now I got an idea of what it's going to take to get a full garden growing.But I'm going to wait till I can figure out my yard space to do it in.

Well got to get up and get going this morning have alot to do.have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Almost All Gone

WELLLLL yep my tomatoes got those hornworms and boy did they devastated my plants.I have no tomatoes.My green beans got ate by a rogue rabbit,and my carrots failed.I hope this fall I do better. I went out to pick those buggers off the vines and then I was sick for two days and couldn't go in the yard.By the time  I got to the tomatoes the whole plant was gone. So today I pulled up the plants and the green beans(something besides the rabbit was eating on them too)and chunked them. The rest of the herbs are doing good.I wonder whether the weather had something to do with it? Oh well I'll do better this coming fall cause I want to get my Kale in with the okra.I'm pretty disappointed this year but it's all the hard knocks and not giving up or in!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hunting A Wabbit

Yep that munching,jumping,furry little nusance has found its' way in the back yard and has been munching on my green beans! If it don't watch itself,it will be sitting on my table drenched in sauce. I only have one back here so far but I know it has already told its' buddies about the veggies in the back.Thank goodness I put the carrots up in buckets on the back deck or they would be into those too.
I knew sooner or later they would be back there,I was hoping not so soon.

Well my chocolate mint wasn't mint after all.I am so pissed about that.The person who I got the seeds from just sent me weed seeds instead! So now I'm minus mint this year.Why do people do that?
But the rest of the plants are growing and I've been harvesting tomatoes before the hornworms get to them.I found one worm already and killed it.I'm letting some of the bigger tomatoes ripen in the window sill.

Got to cut the grass this weekend,we got all that rain and now it's growing like crazy.Fun,fun! Hubstead had a week off from work and we got a few things done.Mainly though he took a much needed rest and I wasn't hard on him.Orion got over the fireworks and has calmed down.All together it was a nice week.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Good Rain and a Good Fourth of July

When it rains it pours around here and we got a good soaking from Mother Nature finally. Both my barrels are full to the rim and the garden has perked up a lot. The 4th was not loud but tolerable with the fireworks and Orion lived through it.Of course he had to find a hole to crawl in but he's just fine today. When he was little, hunters killed his mother and since then he is gun shy.Any popping ,banging noise freaks him out.So he'll be fine,we held him and told him it was ok we we're there.

We didn't go see any fireworks,we mainly stayed home to steer clear of the crowds.We did cook on the grill and had a nice supper.So the evening was a good one.

Today we went to my brothers and my sister-in-law gave me some yellow Cannas that I'm going to plant out  in the front yard.I'm going to see if I can get some red ones and share them with her.And she also gave me some of her Ivy.So now I got the start of something lol. Just about everything she has is yellow.She has some really pretty pink and red and yellow rose bushes.I need to get some flowering plants in here and some bushes myself.All in time I suppose.Everything here has been moving slowly.Next Spring hopefully and I can post some pictures!

Well just a quick update here and have a good evening!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone and be safe with the fireworks. This may be our last 4th under the Obama Administration since he is banning grilling and fireworks:(

Friday, July 3, 2015

We Got Rain! Finally!

Squealing! We finally got the much needed rain here! I know the plants are loving it.It's been so dry here,every time we pulled in the driveway the dust would kick up. Here while back you remember we got rain and a lot of it and I wished it would stop but when you have a garden you pray for it.So now we got it again.Feels so much better now and the air is nice and cool.I haven't been on the front porch yet but am going there after this.

I pulled two green tomatoes off the vine yesterday.I got some bugs to take care of after the rain is done.They look like stink bugs and I found some eggs from something.I'm still pulling green beans from the vines and the rest is doing pretty good.I harvested some Marjoram the other day and got it drying out.My Parsley is looking kind of weak and the sage is still growing strong.Next year I'm planting Thyme again and see if it will come up better.And I think I may try to grow some corn even though we don't eat a lot of corn but would like to have it when I make soup and stuff

I planted some seeds that someone sent me that was suppose to be chocolate mint and something came up but it doesn't smell like a mint.Every where I planted the seeds in the pot came up and I don't know what they are.I think I'm just going to pull them up and try something else. I lost a few plants this year compared to last year but that's ok,it's all in doing it.I just saw a picture and no what I got does not look like what is in the pot,drats! Oh well try,try again.

Well the 4th is coming tomorrow and I hope everyone enjoys our possible last 4th of July celebrations.Looks like everything we have done over the centuries are coming to an end.I'm very sad that we can't do the things we love anymore.We may be in chains but we are still AMERICANS that won't change!