Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not Giving Up

I got my butt handed to me this year on the garden but I'm not giving up or in yet.I am still looking forward to planting the kale and okra for fall. Around here I always have something to plant.I didn't pull all my tomatoe plants up.I still have two in a pot I cut back and they are coming back out.I hope I can still get tomatoes off of them. Something got into the pot where I had two Cherimoya trees planted and torn them up I suspect a squirrel did it.I caught it,it's squirrel stew for him.I have one that hangs around here alot and he's big! I check my plants every day now.

This morning I have to harvest some basil and more sage. It's been so hot here that my basil is wanting to bolt and my coleus have already bolted.I just pinch the tops off and keep them going.My rosemary is now growing very well.We had some rain and I also water them with the rain water from the barrels.All the plants I have left are doing better.Next month and into September I get to plant more Yah! I hope the weather with cooperate.

I've had trouble sleeping and yesterday I went to go see my doctor.For all who have read my blogs know that I am Bipolar and have to have medication for it.He prescribed some pills to help me get regulated on my sleep.I know I have to be careful about it.But last night I slept very well and was alittle groggy this morning.I'm feel better with more sleep.I was just cat napping for a few hours here and there.Not good.So for a month he wants me to try these out and see if it helps.

Well everyone have a great Tuesday!

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