Saturday, July 18, 2015

Almost All Gone

WELLLLL yep my tomatoes got those hornworms and boy did they devastated my plants.I have no tomatoes.My green beans got ate by a rogue rabbit,and my carrots failed.I hope this fall I do better. I went out to pick those buggers off the vines and then I was sick for two days and couldn't go in the yard.By the time  I got to the tomatoes the whole plant was gone. So today I pulled up the plants and the green beans(something besides the rabbit was eating on them too)and chunked them. The rest of the herbs are doing good.I wonder whether the weather had something to do with it? Oh well I'll do better this coming fall cause I want to get my Kale in with the okra.I'm pretty disappointed this year but it's all the hard knocks and not giving up or in!
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