Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flower and Gourds

Yellow Cannas

The gourds are growing good

Well the vines are growing very long and I am getting gourds.I have three so far.These are Cosican gourds and I'm gonna be selling these after they are ready.We're suppose to get some rain today and thru this week,fingers crossed!I am not happy about the tomatoes or green beans and carrots but I'll try again next year.I think next year I'll do some container gardening to see how that works out,besides hubstead wants to put in a pool out back.The gourd type plants I noticed,takes alot of water.I didn't get my loofas out this year because my trellis got blown over by some heavy wind.Now I'll have to make another.I got thru my first two years of gardening and experimenting and kept records of all this so now I got an idea of what it's going to take to get a full garden growing.But I'm going to wait till I can figure out my yard space to do it in.

Well got to get up and get going this morning have alot to do.have a great Tuesday!

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