Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hunting A Wabbit

Yep that munching,jumping,furry little nusance has found its' way in the back yard and has been munching on my green beans! If it don't watch itself,it will be sitting on my table drenched in sauce. I only have one back here so far but I know it has already told its' buddies about the veggies in the back.Thank goodness I put the carrots up in buckets on the back deck or they would be into those too.
I knew sooner or later they would be back there,I was hoping not so soon.

Well my chocolate mint wasn't mint after all.I am so pissed about that.The person who I got the seeds from just sent me weed seeds instead! So now I'm minus mint this year.Why do people do that?
But the rest of the plants are growing and I've been harvesting tomatoes before the hornworms get to them.I found one worm already and killed it.I'm letting some of the bigger tomatoes ripen in the window sill.

Got to cut the grass this weekend,we got all that rain and now it's growing like crazy.Fun,fun! Hubstead had a week off from work and we got a few things done.Mainly though he took a much needed rest and I wasn't hard on him.Orion got over the fireworks and has calmed down.All together it was a nice week.
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