Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Good Rain and a Good Fourth of July

When it rains it pours around here and we got a good soaking from Mother Nature finally. Both my barrels are full to the rim and the garden has perked up a lot. The 4th was not loud but tolerable with the fireworks and Orion lived through it.Of course he had to find a hole to crawl in but he's just fine today. When he was little, hunters killed his mother and since then he is gun shy.Any popping ,banging noise freaks him out.So he'll be fine,we held him and told him it was ok we we're there.

We didn't go see any fireworks,we mainly stayed home to steer clear of the crowds.We did cook on the grill and had a nice supper.So the evening was a good one.

Today we went to my brothers and my sister-in-law gave me some yellow Cannas that I'm going to plant out  in the front yard.I'm going to see if I can get some red ones and share them with her.And she also gave me some of her Ivy.So now I got the start of something lol. Just about everything she has is yellow.She has some really pretty pink and red and yellow rose bushes.I need to get some flowering plants in here and some bushes myself.All in time I suppose.Everything here has been moving slowly.Next Spring hopefully and I can post some pictures!

Well just a quick update here and have a good evening!

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