Friday, July 3, 2015

We Got Rain! Finally!

Squealing! We finally got the much needed rain here! I know the plants are loving it.It's been so dry here,every time we pulled in the driveway the dust would kick up. Here while back you remember we got rain and a lot of it and I wished it would stop but when you have a garden you pray for it.So now we got it again.Feels so much better now and the air is nice and cool.I haven't been on the front porch yet but am going there after this.

I pulled two green tomatoes off the vine yesterday.I got some bugs to take care of after the rain is done.They look like stink bugs and I found some eggs from something.I'm still pulling green beans from the vines and the rest is doing pretty good.I harvested some Marjoram the other day and got it drying out.My Parsley is looking kind of weak and the sage is still growing strong.Next year I'm planting Thyme again and see if it will come up better.And I think I may try to grow some corn even though we don't eat a lot of corn but would like to have it when I make soup and stuff

I planted some seeds that someone sent me that was suppose to be chocolate mint and something came up but it doesn't smell like a mint.Every where I planted the seeds in the pot came up and I don't know what they are.I think I'm just going to pull them up and try something else. I lost a few plants this year compared to last year but that's ok,it's all in doing it.I just saw a picture and no what I got does not look like what is in the pot,drats! Oh well try,try again.

Well the 4th is coming tomorrow and I hope everyone enjoys our possible last 4th of July celebrations.Looks like everything we have done over the centuries are coming to an end.I'm very sad that we can't do the things we love anymore.We may be in chains but we are still AMERICANS that won't change!

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