Monday, June 29, 2015

A Quiet Morning

Ah no t.v. on,no barking dogs,no stereo,just the humming of the ceiling fan in the diningroom.I just went out back and checked on my plants and they seem to be doing good. I love mornings like these.I already went thru all my emails and posts and read alittle about what was going on in the world. Now to start my day as easy as I can.On my second cup of coffee and typing.Today later,I got to go wash clothes and it's suppose to be around 90 today.I have to keep an eye on the plants and make sure they don't dry out. I pulled a handful of green beans yesterday and put them up so I can add to them.They are really good and I almost forgot how good green beans were from the garden.

This is all I have left as far as containers.

I lost one bucket of carrots,and my aloe.My thyme never came up and I didn't get anymore.As far as everything else,it's been slow going but it's going.My green beans are putting out every day and my tomatoes out in the yard are almost ready,I think a few more weeks will do it before I can start harvesting everything. I already done a sage bundle to burn and I have more sage growing. I have to repot the Cherimoya trees,they are getting bigger by the day.I may use the bucket for one of them.
We still haven't had too much rain,really very little rain.I have to water the plants by hand every day on some.Today will be like that too. I have to start thinking about the fall garden and what I want to get going there next. The Corsican Gourds are doing ok and putting out runners all over the place,I hope I can get a few gourds from them.

Well that's the update on those things. Hope you have a good Monday.I know alot of people hate Mondays,I do too.

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