Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Got Green Beans Yah!

Yep I got green beans,so that means I did good on those.My bucket carrots however failed.Guess I'll have to find something else to grow in them.I have two small kitchen drawers I'm not using since we are going to replace the cabinets any way so I'll be using those for growing something in,maybe leaf lettuce.I have a ton of seeds of those.I need to start looking around for a place for my okra this year.I have the dwarf variety.

Boy it was hot yesterday and gonna be hotter today.It's suppose to rain tomorrow and we sure need it. It's been a week of no rain here and even though it's dried out the grass enough for hubstead to cut it,we still need it.We have a busted pipe under the house and today he has to fix it.How it busted have no idea but this place is old and alot of things are going to break down.

Well just wanted to get this little bit out there.Have a great Wednesday!

I take it back-I GOT CARROTS!!!!
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