Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Little Rain YES!

We are finally getting a little rain here,the plants needed it so bad.I just went out back and checked on them.I hope we get more today,keeping fingers crossed.We need a good downpour more than anything.So far it's just been real light.But the good news is that the cool front has gotten here and it feels real nice right now.It's only suppose to get to 81 today.(YES)! About time,we have been sweltering here under some heat here lately.I am hoping to get enough to fill the rain barrels back up.

Went to the store yesterday and picked up some little picture frames.Purple has become my new favorite color.

5x7 picture frame

I got two of these and for my phone I got a purple two tone case. I also got a purple,black and white blanket.I usually like different colors but for now the flavor of the month is purple.We have another bedroom that I was thinking of turning it into a gypsy style room.I may save these frames for that. Wouldn't that look cool?All sorts of colors?  I like the southwest look but am trying something different.

Today is cleaning day and I need to get off my duff and go clean but for now I'm gonna sit here and drink the rest of my coffee and enjoy the quiet.Have a great Saturday everyone!

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