Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finding Time to do the Little Things

Yes I am a stay at home person but even if I am,it seems hard to find the time to do all the things that need to be done. This place needs that time I can find. This morning I have to get outside and do some weeding in my little garden and put down some top soil for the plants.This is a job I am not looking forward to cause I have to sit down to it.My knees are not too functioning here lately.I get a piece of plastic and sit on it for those types of weeding.
I could not find a screen door around here to fit our front door,so,had to break down and buy one of those hanging screens.I'm not too fond of it but Orion loves it cause he can still run in and out.It's going to be warm today and I have to get out this morning before it turns hot.

The plants are doing better. I've been kind of puzzled on some of them on how slow growing they seem to be.Last year everything popped up pretty fast but this year they are taking their time to get there. My Rosemary is still small and so is the chocolate mint.The carrots I figured out,I had too many in the bucket ,some have died on me.But I have harvested the Basil and the Sage very well,and a little of the Marjoram.I have blooms on the tomatoe plants and the green beans,so,it won't be long till I get something from them.Also today,we have some small kitchen drawers I'm going to recycle into planters for my kale.Even though I'm planting kale for fall too.I love kale,I got hooked on it last year with the dwarf kale but this year I'm planting kale that has bigger leaves.I have one Corsican gourd but don't know if it will survive.I'm thinking I really should had planted the luffas again this year since they turned out so nice last year.I'm getting the blooms on the gourds and getting the bees but no gourds.I even hand pollenated the blooms but nothing yet.I'll have to keep trying and experiment with these guys.Again everything takes time(sighs).

Wow just looked outside and boy it is foggy here this morning.Can't even see the road.Oh the road by the way I went to my first City Counsel meeting last week about this road.What a pain in the ass it was.I'm not going to include details on the meeting,BORING,but needless to say they can't fix the road by the house.Now this leaves us in a pickle still for the wintertime.We have three families that live back here and none of us can get out during the winter.One road is always froze over and the other is so slick you can't get up it.AND they don't have a sanding truck to help us out.The garbage truck always bust the pipes that run under the road because we sit on some what soft clay.They have no idea how to fix it.In the meantime we are screwed.When it's dry it's great,we can come and go but if I knew then when we purchased the house what I know now,nope never would of happened.

Well it looks like I'm going to have to wait till this fog burns off to get out in the yard to work.It's kind of creepy looking and I don't like getting in the yard when it's like that since we live some what in a wooded area.Here we have black bears and foxes and bobcats,yeah I'll stay inside for right now.Funny how everything here is named after a bear.They should name some of it after the all the deers we have running around.Which I haven't seen none of my backyard deers since hunting season last year.I think they might had been shot.Of course I have seen plenty by the roadside from being hit by cars and that's sad.

Well since I got a little time on my hands now I guess I will go change the sheets on the bed and get that room cleaned up.Have a good Wednesday everyone.
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