Thursday, June 25, 2015

Can You Imagine? Hot Weather

It's been some kind of hot here in the south.I take two to three showers a day(can't say I stink lol),and this morning I was thinking about how the women ,way back,use to wear ALL  those clothes and bonnets.Can you imagine how hot they were? I have old pictures of my ancestors with long dresses on and I couldn't do it.Oh and the hair being long and they use to pile it up on their heads.Oh my such agony! But that was the norm then compared to now.And having to cook in a wood burning stove in the house too.Some would cook outside on a fire pit or have a setup for an outside stove.Wow!I really don't mind the heat,but it's the humidity that will hurt you.We are getting a cool front coming tomorrow and hopefully some rain.We are dying for some rain here.

Well just a little thought to get this Thursday going.Be glad we got the clothes we have now.I'm making some brownies later on today.Might even sneak and get a beer from the frig and make some beer bread.Hubstead gets a little upset when I make beer bread from his beer lol.But what can he say when I already did it ha!
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