Monday, June 15, 2015

Here comes the Heat

Go Heat? Boy we do now,going to be in the 90s' this week.And if I have to do anything I have to do it in the mornings, I still have to put some top soil in with the plants.See I don't an air conditioner for the house and by afternoon,I'm burning up. I take three showers a day,yep,it's that bad.We are going to get one for just the bedroom.When we first got here,my brother let us use his but we had to give it back.So now we got to go buy one.I don't mind it too bad,the front porch usually has a breeze and if we get lucky a small shower will wander in and cool this off a little.I got somewhat use to the heat out in Texas so 90s aren't too bad for me as long as I'm in a shaded area.

I did a booboo.NEVER use tea tree oil on your skin.I had a place on my nose I was treating and put too much tea tree oil on it and ended up actually burning my skin.It's bad and now I have to treat the burn.Yes it did burn like hell. I've used tea tree oil before but I just used too much this time,so now I know not to do that again.I'm using aloe and it's working pretty good.

Everything in the garden is doing better.My marigolds I set out are blooming and I got alot of tomatoes on my plants.The gourds are starting to have long runners and gourds on them.My carrots however I think are a failure they are not looking good but I may get a few from the buckets.Hubstead said I should try container gardening instead of having the yard tilled up.I just think he doesn't want to till the yard.He likes grass too much lol.I told him maybe,I don't know yet.I like the idea myself but I told him with what I plant it would take alot of containers and we don't really have the room on the back deck for that.But it's an idea.

Well have a great Monday people,may your day go good!
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