Saturday, June 6, 2015

Warming up in the South

All week this week we have had some really nice weather.Got a chance to cut some grass and drying out. The humidity has been high and been walking around sweating,but,that's ok,I'll take it.The plants are loving this warm weather and sunshine.The Coleus are having some nice color come in and the rest of the potted plants are doing well except for the carrots.I don't think I will get  as many as I would like. My garden isn't  doing as well as last years'. I have one small gourd so far.Maybe the rotation was wrong.I planted the plants in different locations this time like I was suppose to. Hubstead said we should go with container gardening instead of trying to plant in the yard.All we have here is clay for dirt.I mixed top soil and compost with the clay and it seems to be doing good but still not really loose enough I think to handle the root system. Will have to think that over for next year.

The herbs are doing great in the pots and I still have some to transfer to bigger pots.I planted alot this year. My parsley I have already harvested it twice and I need to do it again soon.I harvested some sage the other day and got it drying hanging up.And I took a couple of swigs off my Marjoram too.The Rosemary is growing very slow.Well that's an update of the growing process I got going. Rain is expected to come in Monday,we'll see.Every time it dries out here comes more rain and it's suppose to rain all week.
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