Tuesday, June 23, 2015

There is ALWAYS something to do on the homestead

Like it never ends.Already got up this morning and watered plants from buckets cause now I don't have a hose.Thank goodness my garden is small. Hubstead will have to put me in a pipe so I can water from a hose sometime this summer.I had to bring in some of my herbs.The sun was killing them something bad.I brought in my parsley and rosemary.I'll probably bring in my marjoram tomorrow.We are going to be hot tomorrow at around 97 degrees.

My sister-in-laws daughter and husband gave us an air conditioner for free.I thank them from the bottom of my heart.We slept under it last night. I may have to turn it on and report from the bedroom tomorrow too.Orion loved it,he was always in an air conditioned place before.He's like me,I like it cool.We are suppose to have cooler weather in by this weekend.I hope so and some rain!Very excited about that.

My sister-in-law gave me some milkweed seeds yesterday.I'm going to plant them next year and hope the butterflies will show up.I have quite a few to plant and need to figure out where to plant them.Any ideas?

I still have seeds put up.I didn't get the flowers out this year like I wanted to.I wanted to plant the daisies but didn't get around to getting a spot open for them.My coleus are so full in the pot,I love the colors.

Looking pretty good so far.

The tomato plants out in the yard are doing the same.I have one Roma tomato plant coming up,the seeds got mixed in the beefsteaks. But that's ok I'll still use them.Well when these guys get done I'm gonna try my hand at canning,wish me luck cause I've never canned before so any tips would be welcomed.We use a lot of stewed tomatoes around here. Well have a great Tuesday today and stay cool!

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