Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hot Water finally!

Yesterday was a busy day.My brother came up and helped hubstead with the hot water tank.It was pretty hot in the house and my sister-in-law almost passed out from the heat.She's ok now.She just wasn't used to sitting under fans like we are.It got warm about 94 degrees but in the house it's warmer.No I don't have an air conditioner of any type,and right now can't afford it.If I do anything I do it in the mornings or late at night when it cools off. Anyway,they hooked up the hot water heater(the new one) and now we can take hot showers.Yeah hot showers on a hot day?,well it gets the grubbys off.And no more heating water up for the dishes. BUT the way they hooked it up is only temporary,they hooked the water lines up from the washer hoses and now I can't water the garden.I'll have to haul water from the sink to water the plants and it is hard work doing it like that.It works though,I'd rather have the hot water and put alittle effort into the other.Hubstead has been helping me with the little bit of garden I have.

I harvested a handful of green beans yesterday too.I got them put up until I can add more to them.My tomatoe plants are pretty full and the carrots are doing well.So I am happy with the results so far.I just hope they don't die on me with this heat.I am wishing for some rain here in the south,we sure need it.You know I have to give kudos to those women who way back when in the 1800s wore their dresses they way they did.It wouldn't jive now not in this day and age.They had to be burning up.

Well that's it for this Sunday,everyone have a great day!
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