Friday, June 12, 2015

One step forward Two steps back

Yep it all happens to all of us,right when one thing happens,something goes wrong and we got to keep pushing.I'm finding this out with homesteading and trying to get things done. Right now it's with our internet service.Where we are we had to get an expensive satellite service instead of cable.Cable won't be here for another year.I don't like the satellite because when the storms roll in the service goes out.And trying to stay on top on the bill is crazy.So if I don't write for awhile you'll know why,I won't be offline too long.

Yesterday I did manage to get some of the topsoil put around the tomatoes.I'm trying to build up that bed with stuff.I can't find any mulch,it's like it's a rare thing around here or either I'll just have to go hunting for it.Most of what they have is the colored mulch and I don't want that for the garden.This morning I have to put some top soil in my green bean row and add some to my gourds. I got another little gourd coming in and so that makes two now.When the green beans are grown and ready to harvest,I'm trying my hand at canning,how well I do,who knows but I want to give it a try.Every little thing helps.

It rained alittle here yesterday but not enough to do any good.My rain barrels have some rain water in them left from a previous rain so I can water with that if I have to.I looked and it looks like we are fixing to go through a dry spell here in the south.It's fixing to get hot and muggy.Well that's about it for this morning,got work to do,everyone have a Great Friday and a relaxed weekend!
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